Final Contract Edition Released

Please be advised that the final contract edition of The National Rural Letter Carrier has been posted and can be viewed in its entirety by CLICKING HERE.

via News Info.

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That provision for number of delivery days has been in the last few contracts, at least, and probably more. It’s like naming a benefactor in a will in case of death. The terms state that if the number of delivery days are to change, the effects and provisions are to be renegotiated rather than just dictated.

Reads to me like that is the plan.

Does this statement in the contract allow for 5 day delivery to be implemented? ” Section 7. Changes in Number of Delivery Days
If, pursuant to present or future law, changes are made in the
number of delivery days, the effects of the change on employees
will be negotiated by the parties and all provisions of this
Agreement inconsistent with the change will be amended to conform
with the change.”

Crandall Coddington follow the link and there is a download on that page

Where an how can I get one