Florida rural carriers no longer have to wear seat belts while working their route

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Rural letter carriers in Florida no longer have to wear seat belts while working their routes, under a bill signed Friday by Gov. Rick Scott.
The bill, sponsored by Greg Evers, R-Baker, took effect immediately. The bill adds an exemption to the state’s mandatory seat-belt law for rural letter carriers “performing duties in the course of his or her employment on a designated postal route.”
The state’s law requiring motorists to wear seat belts already included limited exemptions, such as for workers collecting garbage or recyclable goods. During floor debate on April 22, Rep. Irv Slosberg, D-Boca Raton, warned the bill could be the “unraveling” of primary enforcement of the seat-belt law. He said mandatory use of seat belts has helped reduce traffic fatalities.

Source: http://www.northescambia.com/2015/05/scott-signs-evers-bill-unbuckles-seat-belts-for-rural-letter-carriers

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Leave on the lap belt but disconnect the shoulder belt. You still have the seatbelt on but less restrictive reaching for the box. Problem solved.


You have obviously never delivered mail!


yes it is difficult ti deliver mail with set belts on