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Former Rural Carrier convicted of extortion and worker's compensation fraud pays restitution quickly

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Carole Swan was ordered to pay $75,765.28 as restitution to the federal Department of Labor for workers’ compensation payments. She was convicted of two counts of making false statements to obtain federal employee’s compensation. She had signed documents saying she was unable to work because of injuries suffered years earlier when she was a rural carrier for the U.S. Postal Service.

At the time, she worked as bookkeeper for Marshall Swan Construction and was paid for her work as selectwoman and assessor.

Some people in Chelsea continue to wonder whether the Swans had more money than was apparent on the surface.

“Quite frankly, what was discovered during the investigation of the wrongdoings may be only a small part of what they did,” said Selectman Richard Danforth, who served for years on the Board of Selectmen alongside Carole Swan. “I think what we saw was a small part of the Swan enterprise. They must have been sitting on a pile of cash somewhere. They had that money because of what they did.”

via Carole Swan pays restitution quickly – The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

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