Further Update on The Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS) from NRLCA

Please find attached correspondence from USPS operations with information pertaining to updated 4241As, 4241Ms, implementation of RRECS, and route adjustments. You will note that the USPS intends to implement the RRECS effective April 22, 2023. As you are aware the NRLCA filed a step 4 grievance requesting data and a 60-day time- period from the date of receipt of data that we requested, to analyze the data prior to implementation of RRECS. The USPS has refused our request. We know and the USPS knows that there are errors that need to be corrected. The USPS’s position is to implement and correct the errors later.  That was never the intent of the parties!

The NRLCA along with legal counsel, are exploring our options. We all understand that mail volume is down, and many routes will lose in evaluation. However, we must be assured that the data is correct and transparent to the carriers!

We will keep you posted on any future changes.

Your National Board.


From the USPS:

RRECS evaluations will be effective on Saturday, April 22.   We understand there will be a need to adjust rural routes due to routes being overburdened or substandard.  However, we have yet to develop an adjustment process for the RRECS environment.  Therefore, while the need may exist, it is imperative that no territory adjustments occur until the new process is developed.  The new adjustments process will also include a route adjustment strategy designed to identify and prioritize the routes/offices to be adjusted.

Additionally, the attached MOU is still in effect, limiting rural route adjustments.  If regular rural carriers are requesting adjustments, please accept those requests so that they can be included in the prioritization strategy.

We will provide more information as soon as possible.

Tim Haney, Director, Delivery Strategy & Policy


Adjustments have been made in RMSS to correct the data fields on the Form 4241-A and Form 4241-M. Beginning Saturday, April 15th, the PS Form 4241-A, Rural Route Evaluation, will be available once again in RMSS for printing. It is necessary that all offices dispose of any previously printed copies from route books and route folders and print out new versions of both Forms 4241-A and 4241-M.  The attached RRECS 4241A Printing & Distribution document outlines the following steps:

  • On Saturday, April 15, 2023, the PS Form 4241-A will be available and must be printed in RMSS.
    • Dispose of any previously printed copies from route books and route folders
  • Print all 3 pages of PS Form 4241-A for each route in unit
    • Assigned Carrier copy for the route
    • Route Book copy filed at the carrier case
    • Route Folder copy (maintained by management in the local office)
  • The PS Form 4241-A must be provided to the carrier in order to communicate the new RRECS evaluation for the route.
  • Ensure the carrier is immediately made aware of schedule changes
    •  Classifications: K, J, or H

Again, this information should only be provided to the assigned carrier of the route, and not provided to leave replacements who are covering the assigned carriers’ leave or non-scheduled days.  Regular rural carriers who are non-scheduled on Saturday may request to visit the office Saturday for the sole purpose of obtaining the PS Form 4241-A for the assigned route, and arrangements should be agreed upon between the carrier and local management.  Otherwise, the assigned carrier should be provided the information on their next scheduled work day.

We have also updated the attached RRECS 4241A Cheatsheet updated 4.14.23 to assist your team with explanations of each field displayed on the PS Form 4241-A. A copy of the Cheatsheet must also be provided to the assigned carrier.

Tim Haney, USPS Director, Delivery Strategy & Policy




Route Adjustment MOU RRECS – Route Adjustments

RRECS 4241-A Printing and Distribution_updated 4.14.23

RRECS_F4241A_cheat-sheet updated 4.14.23



Further Update on The Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS)


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What a joke should hv been doing these months prior always better be prepared of a opportunity and not have one then to have a opportunity and not be prepared

I got second time “fixed” 4241A today. Evaluation didn’t change, but I lost around 90 minutes in parcel volume time on the street, my accountable mail cut in half, still got zero on CR flats and other zeroes got decimals. Can anyone explain how did this happen?

DRR. Exactly same happened to me. parcels dropped 90 min and accountables in half. WTF??

“We know and the USPS knows that there are errors that need to be corrected. The USPS’s position is to implement and correct the errors later.“
That really says it all right there…

It took us 2 years to get our last backpay… this should be fun…

Did you notice that they want us to dispose of our previous 4241? It looks like they reduced the numbers to equal the evaluation instead of adding numbers correctly to increase evaluation and want us to throw away any proof.

The only upside being I now deliver my route like a newbie rca that doesn’t know what a cbu is lol. fk it right. If my PM doesn’t take it seriously why should I? Anything at all wrong with address the letter gets rejected. No more holding mail, that’s always been a free service unrelated to the contract. Monday Im literally ending everything on hold. Rural reach lol. give me a fucking break. Id eat glass before I tried to sell so much as a stamp on the route, much less stand there wasting my time building business for a… Read more »

I went from a 44k 96 mile rural route down to a 43h and they reduced my mileage to 86 miles. I’m still driving 96 miles, how in the hell can that be. My postmaster certified my mileage a couple years ago. I’m retiring June 30th so it doesn’t matter much to me but I feel sorry for those that can’t get out. If your young enough to get out and start a new career I would suggest you do it and quit getting screwed by these people.

All this talk about mail volume being down, well our AMAZON packages that are being shoved down our throat have more than quadrupled. So a 9.2 hour evaluated route takes 13-15 hours to run.

We all need to show up at meetings and demand that they change the way to get out of the union from the 10 day window around your anniversary date to 30 days notice. When the union gets swamped with people leaving, maybe then they will grow a pair and do their damn job!

We all need to get out of the union so these jerks lose their jobs, and start our own union of actual rural carriers, then we can actually start fighting back

I agree with enough already. The union agreed to all this. Quit the union they shouldn’t have a say in our lively hood without our say. They should’ve consulted us.

Why aren’t they looking at upper mgt. We don’t need someone sitting at a computer watching us work. THATS A MADE UP UNNECESSARY JOB and there are many others making over a hundred grand

I agree with enough already. We need to band together.

Well if the post office is violating a contract they agreed upon the carriers should be able to do the same. It’s time for a STRIKE! Take this bs to the news!

We should call a sick in for at least 3 days. Like to see if management can deliver in the new alotted time

I was a sub for 9 years and regular for 7 45k an just dropped to 42k smh sooo glad I dropped the union clearly not doing anything for us ….. still waiting to get back my time as a sub b/s. My co worker 46k to 40k

smaller routes less volume went up to 44k

When this system started all we were told is make sure to clock in and out, start load end load depart an return that’s all that’s important an again b/s

Set up to fail😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬

We should all call out on a Tuesday after a Monday holiday. Maybe Labor Day? Just make sure you get a doctor’s note. It would be worth the cost of an urgent care visit.

DRR and Beth. The exact same thing happened to me as well. They added and subtracted numbers so it would match with their standard total. On the first form the total was short by 2hrs.

Everyone’s complaining BUT not one office I’ve checked is filing a grievance. THATS what the post office and union are counting on

If nothings being filed or said nothing will change

Everyone in our office including the people that went up has filed a grievance.

Gina, management told us the same thing. Do your 6 scans everyday because it affects your pay check. Then I hear you should touch “every rural box” even if you don’t have mail or the “system” will think that box is a dead box. Which is a damn lie, the scanner will rims you if a box is vacant or not. Then, I heard that if you drive 1 or 1.5 mile to your next box you won’t get paid for the mileage. Idk how true any of this is but they really need to communicate better with the carriers.

File breach of contract ,improper training for financial gain , defrauding the carrier by improper training, hiding information , non transparency to deliberately hiding incomplete and inaccurate information

Last edited 1 month ago by Mel

This is all bullshit… went from 46J to 44H. More miles, more boxes, and 2x the packages and still lost 6 hours evaluation. No withdrawal allowance, manager changed delivery points for country boxes, lower miles measured from scanner. More errors on this thing than anyone could ever dream of. Used to be a fun job but not anymore!!

I do a daily drop to another Post Office. My route outgrew that small office because it gets more packages than can fit in the office. No joke. I have been given zero credit given for the DOZENS of parcels I deliver to them for the PO box customers. Even the daily dismount and number of trips for dismount which I have entered daily for a year is not credited. Was never given an answer on what to do for those parcels. Management stated that the daily parcel count would give me that credit. Obviously not the case.. Also dropped… Read more »

Went from a 47k to a 40h. I’ve never had more packages and boxes on my route than I do now. 753 boxes!! How the fuck can this happen? My salary is LESS NOW than when I went regular!! All of my step increases and COLA increases wiped out in one fell swoop, also working 6 days a week now. How do you have a life working 6 days a week? Sure they might back pay us, but I can’t get all those Saturdays back. All the missed soccer games, all the family reunions, weekend trips with my wife, all… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Brent

With my latest evaluation I’m still a 43h when I was a 44k . I filed a dispute because now they shorted me twelve miles on my route and I’m not getting credit for five dismounts . I have no idea how much more I’m not getting credit for. My route is two different routes and I’m thinking I’m not getting credit for one of them. The bastards expect me to run a 96 mile rural route in 6 and a half hours. I’m glad I’m retiring in June. If this bullshit stands there will be thousands of people quitting.… Read more »

I went up from 45k to 48k…I read so many here who went down dramatically. What explains this?

3 engineers were hired in 2012 to create this mess. How much money did the post office and union waste on these so called geniuses

Long story short, but it took 21 years to go full time. I could have been retiring from somewhere else by that time. With talk of the buyback I hung in there. When i became full they took me from a 44k to 40k and gave to another route to make us even. So I have already lost $8,000 or so, now this. I have a question about our hit or miss scanners. Management know they do not always work depending on internet availability due to weather. Loss me for days and I find out about it 3 to 4… Read more »

the union should sue an give a strike an walk out date would be no different than dejoy bull crap the union was set up an they fell forthis crap

I’ve been a mail carrier for over 20 years and this is the most egregious process I have ever witnessed. It is borderline Criminal! From the beginning nothing has been transparent. The only thing we were ever told was the stupid six scans. I’ve learned the hard way not to believe anything they tell you. I don’t understand how this flawed system got the green light to go ahead.. If you’ve been through years of mail counts you know that no matter how little you got during the mail count at least you had your own data that you could… Read more »