Group of Senators urge the USPS to delay RRECS implementation

The senators — Democrats Ron Wyden Elizabeth Warren, Sherrod Brown, Ed Markey and John Fetterman and independent Bernie Sanders — in a letter to U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said the automated Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System should not be used “until the system’s serious flaws are rectified.”


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I’m thankful someone is trying to do something. I know there’s alot of terrified carriers out there working hard hoping this doesn’t happen. It feels criminal. Unjust labor practices.

Wheres the Union ? Oh yeah their planning their next big vacation….

Too late. The new evals start tomorrow

Is it or isn’t in effect tomorrow? Our office knows nothing?

Lou correct your statement with “i wish”

They gonna back pay those of us who went up in evaluation?

No backpay if you went up, and yes it definitely starts tomorrow. Pucker up!

Big whoop. Too late and totally useless.


Those who went up and the route coverage was , let’s say 80 percent, are still loosing big money

Clyde, unclench your butt cheeks. I’m not amused and I’m on your side. I’m just stating facts.

These Senators don’t give a rat’s ass about rural carriers. If they did, they would have stepped up long before this.

What’s bad is the post office backs the democrats, and you can see how our great country is going to shit!!!!

I’m looking forward to the implementation of RRECS, I’ll be going up 10 hours a week and finally getting paid for some of the double and triple work I’ve been doing for 3 years now. Feel bad for those losing but at least they still have a job, could be worse. Some will be doing more than they get paid for, I remember those days. Be blessed brothers and sisters~

Hey, I don’t give a shit because I’m retiring. I do feel sorry for the 66% of the carriers that are getting screwed and for the ones that’s excited about it taking effect. Your days are coming. The best advice I can give you, is don’t tense up it won’t hurt as bad. I’ve worked for these lying cheating bastards for forty years and have been screwed by them so many times I can’t walk straight.

Glad that Fetterman is on the case. Just wait until he calls DeJoy and tells him “Groblonk mrflendal, Eagles!”


They want to privatize the post office and this is just the beginning

“Implementing RRECS in its current form will arbitrarily enact a pay cut for tens of thousands rural postal workers…”. It would seem the senators don’t understand, that’s precisely the reason for the implementation of the new (W)RRECS system.
I’m looking to take early retirement at the end of this year, so it’ll only hurt for a short time. I feel for the ones that are just coming in or have quite a few years left until retirement.

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Y’all need to pay fucking attention to what party those senators are too…

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DeJoy clean his a…… with this letter. He just want bonus and a big politic picture .

Hey putt, as far as I’m concerned the only thing trump screwed up is hiring this worthless bastard. So take your trump derangement syndrome somewhere else. By the way, how’s this economy working out for you. If you haven’t noticed the democrats are responsible for this economy.

We should not accept these changes in standards!
– They blame the pay cuts on changes in volume but won’t even show us the volumes.
-If you went up that’s great but just know with the change in standards you were actually getting screwed even more than you thought.
– Where’s the credit for covid volumes ?

Remember the union agreed to the implementation of this system 10 years ago.

(Bend Over Here It Comes Again!)

Errr Wrecks was put in place during Obamas term, just saying.

If this goes through, anyone that stays in this worthless union is a damn fool.

My route had 79% coverage according to usps. Here’s how the manipulation works. If the plant runs 2 heavy days a week and loads dps with everything you’re getting 100% rrecs coverage 2 days a week then much less on light dps days. My point is if DPS were run more evenly it would amount to a near 100% coverage daily. But they can now manipulate numbers. Load us up 1-2 days a week then fuck us hard for 5.

They started privitizing when Rump put De Joyless in. He made it an arm of his own UPS, then convinced Fedex to do the same. Between that and all the orders to Amazon online, they crashed the P.O. nationwide last Yule season. Why WOULDN’T the P.O. side w/ Dems. They’re smart enough not to vote against their own best interest.

Looks like nobody listened to 4 senators. We are on our own and accused of not doing our scans. Well, scan like there’s no tomorrow, lets play this game, lets get back to normal.

Someone in our office apparently delivered 8 small spur size parcels that would fit in the box, to the front door instead. One at a time!!! If they make this their normal routine I see it as untouchable? anyone else agree?

Looking through the union statement of activities I see a 24.9% increase of union salaries over last year. A 24.9% increase in money for them but those fuckers “negotiated ” a shit raise for the carriers that pay their salaries through dues. Fuck the union. Self serving narcissistic bitches. Leave the union at asap and bankrupt them.

My comment disappeared. I guess I struck a nerve somewhere when I pointed out some anomalies in our statement.

Check out the second page of the statement. Transportation, hotels, and meals. Huge increase over last year. WTF