Has your office implemented the Red Line policy?

If your office has implemented the RED LINE Policy, where you are not allowed, after returning from your route to the office, to take anything across the RED LINE or back to your case. If management is requiring you to do additional duties, that you were not given credit for during last mail count, like waiting to get into office, filling out 1571, PM markup, handling mail extra times, etc. File a grievance to get credit and compensation built into the evaluation of your route.  If you have any questions, call one of the NRLCA District Representative’s.

via KYRLCA Home Page.

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FYI from what we've been told in ky union and management are working on agreement for pay for this new step.

Yes we have already implemented. We leave all mail we bring back in a cubby hole and the clerks bring it back with our hold outs the next day. We do not keep our hold mail at our case either. All hold mail is held in another location of the post office and we take the hold mail to a cart and the clerk sorts it to go with its hold position. Clerk returns hold mail day we deliver it.

Heard of it mentioned in the South Jersey district. Not implemented yet. Hope it doesn't happen. I take my DPs to the street. Where do they expect me to sort the mail that I bring back???

That post is from the Kentucky state website and I have seen a few posts about this in the last couple of weeks. Do not know if it is just that state or others. I suspect it is probably something that might eventually roll down hill for all of us.. Just an FYI to be on the watch for it and call the union ASAP

Never heard of it!!!

……it used to be such a fun place to work…..

well this is illegal; the folder containing the current 603, any and all 4003 copies and any and all notes pertinent are to be kept at the route case along with the trip sheet report,—————————- you are required to return to the route case desk to sign back in and at end of delivery and to sign out for the day when you do leave , this is a class action grievance,—————— what moron thought this up? what office? district etc. ?

Well it is about time someone knows what management is up too. But every time I call the union about new changes they always agree with management…….

Red line?

Come on people FILE don't let management get away with this.

Ya never heard……

What fresh hell is this?

We do things just like we did them during mail count, but I do like that idea for those who did not get the credits in the afternoon also.

Never heard of it