Highlights of the 2016 NRLCA National Convention

Location: Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, Nashville, Tennessee

Here is what I know that happened at the convention

The 2015-2018 contract hard copy should be available by the end of September

The engineer study is in a scale up phase and they anticipate there might be some problems with that because there are factors not accounted for when you go to a larger scale. They “hope” for it to be finished in a year.

All National officers were re-elected.

A change to add the new ARC position to the NRLCA Constitution –PASSED

A change to select future National Convention sites every 4 years instead of five PASSED

A Constitution change to pay officers sick leave at the current rate instead of sub-hire rate FAILED

Per diem increase from $40.00 to $50.00 for National officers, DRs, ADRs and regional representatives – PASSED

A change to have National Officers pay increases consistent with National Steward System and rural craft pay increases-FAILED

A change to raise the National Officer salaries by $10k each – FAILED

I did not get all of the resolutions, but there were 198 sent to the Delegates and 75 were passed on the first reading. (remember these are more or less a wish list)

Note:  The Convention attendees were instructed not to post anything on the internet! It was said if anyone not in attendance wants the information they can read the official Convention proceedings magazine when it gets released.  And it looks like the majority followed the order.

So, that’s all I have.. It’s not much, but it is something.

Ruralinfo note:  89% of rural carriers employed by the USPS are dues paying members of the NRLCA.  That leaves approximately 11% that are not members.  Those 11% are the reason they do not want information shared on the internet.  I have said it before and I will say it again..  The NRLCA spends so much time worrying about the 11% getting some tidbit of information for free that they forget to inform the other 89% (ok, minus the Delegates).  

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Actually they are very good at getting the information out and accessible to members. Most members cannot or will not take the time to read and research. How many will actually read the convention issue when it comes out? Only those who care to spend a few minutes learning what happened at the convention.
RCA concerns not addressed at a meeting? Hold the local president to account. Tell him/her what you want.


that make me want to pay dues again… not……….
Why would you pay dues when they hide the information from those who seek it?
Most of the 89% don’t look up info anyway………. just anyway to keep the up and coming new leaders in the dark (keep info away from them so I look smart) type of deal

They hope the engineer study might be finished in a year? And how long to implement? I’m an rca of 6 years that is totally fed up with our union. Sunday’s and holidays only straight time? Absolutely no benefits? No communication from my union? I go to the meetings but none of rca concerns are ever addressed. It’s a joke albeit a bad one!

Ruralinfo- The NALC and APWU have easy to read accessible websites. NRLCA website has a log in requirement and limited information that is hard to search. Knowledge is power.