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History is a painful reminder of just how much HAS NOT changed!! 113 years later…

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The National Postal Museum has an excellent new exhibit on the history of Rural Free Delivery. Rural Free Delivery began on October 1st, 1896. That was 113 years ago.

I will add the link to it below, but first, as I was looking at the exhibit, I came across something that jumped out and slapped me in the face. In the 113 years since rural delivery began, it seems not much has changed. Of course, we have made gains in pay, benefits, etc. But look at the quote below from the exhibit and tell me that doesnt speak volumes to you..

Rural carriers were not well paid in comparison to their city brethren. In 1897 rural carriers made an annual salary of $300, at least $500 less than city carriers at the time. From that salary a carrier might have to pay on the bank loan needed to buy the mail wagon. the cost of purchasing a horse, blankets and harness, blacksmith’s bills and feed each month, veterinary services and wagon repairs. One carrier noted in 1902 that after the year’s bills were paid, his annual salary amounted to $25.

Same old, Same old for 113 years.

You know that old saying that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.. Oh how true it is.. And the cold hard facts in that paragraph above bring the history and the state of the rural craft full circle..

So here we are, the same place we were 113 years ago.. Where do we go from here?

Anyway, just my thoughts on it, here is the link to the exhibit…


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