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Humans, horse benefit from rural carrier’s kindness

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HeroJeremyBohnert large story 1Jeremy Bohnert, a rural carrier in Hillsboro, WI, recently encountered two emergency situations while delivering mail in his community.

On a rainy day in May, he came upon an older customer yelling for help as she lay on the ground outside her home.

Bohnert helped the woman, who had fallen, get back on her feet.

He then offered to call 911, but she declined medical attention.

Several months earlier, the Postal Service employee rendered aid to an Amish family whose horse-drawn buggy had overturned alongside a road.

He guided a woman and her children to safety on an embankment and alerted relatives of theirs who could provide further assistance.

The woman sustained a hand injury, while the kids and horse were unharmed.

“Jeremy was in the right place at the right time on both occasions, and he is the type of person to go out of his way to help someone when needed,” said Donna Stephan, the local postmaster.

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