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I am a fraud, a rural stalker, an IMPOSTER… Oh the horror

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Ruralinfo.net note: This is a blast from the past.. Something I wrote a couple of years ago…  Still makes me giggle to this day..  Enjoy!

Ok, so, I got word that one certain State Steward is telling carriers in his state that moi (ruralinfo) has been checked out by the NRLCA National Officers and that I am not even a rural carrier or a postal employee… Wow, I knew that posting that petition would piss em off but wow.. So, here is the response I posted on my other message board about this… LMAO

Ok, I have been found out.. I mean, from the first time I read that PO603 I was hooked. And, oh, that rural carrier contract helped reel me in..

After reading those delightful books, just for fun, I decided what could be more fun than impersonate one of those USPS Rural mail carriers. Oh, and why not start a website that demands more time from my life than my husband.. Just for the hell of it..

And, yes, I bought the RHD Jeep just to see what it felt like to sit on the other side and drive. Kind of weird I must say… I really thought the RHD would be a good cover, but alas, I have been found out.

I even took the time to speak to one of our National leaders and tell him my name and where I work. Ya know, just to keep the cover going.

I thought I was safe, but I guess not. Apparently Inspector Gadget works at the national office and his super sleuthing skills have found me out.

I knew the day would come when I would be found out.. Sorry to have duped you guys, but the monetary rewards ARE just too great. And, as you know, reading all of that gray matter in the rural carrier guideline books is just so intriguing. Real page turners..

Please do not send out a pitchfork and lynch mob. I am just a pawn in the game of life, striving to live the good life…

All of the above was written under duress while being held hostage by a group of rural carriers with pitchforks… The horror, oh the horror.

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