IG: USPS spends far more on city mail carriers than rural carriers

This post seems to be older than 1 year— so keep that in mind while reading. It might be outdated.

The Postal Service is paying significantly more in costs to supervise city mail carriers than it does for rural carriers, says a Dec. 2 USPS inspector general report.

For every 100 employees, supervisory costs – including salary and benefits – for city carriers were about $440,000 on average in fiscal 2013, the report (pdf) says.

The supervisory costs of the same number rural carriers came in at about $220,000 on average.

Also, the Postal Service paid about $1.2 million for city carrier overtime, per 100 employees. Overtime for rural carriers was only $236,000 per 100 employees.

The IG says supervisors have more activities to manage for city carriers compared to rural carriers, such as managing

daily workhours and work load activity.

via IG: USPS spends far more on city mail carriers than rural ones – FierceGovernment.

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28 Comments on "IG: USPS spends far more on city mail carriers than rural carriers"

  1. Well there’s a shocker… Not

  2. Really? How long has this been going on? Duh!

  3. That’s one of the main reasons we get screwed so bad every mail count.

  4. And this is news to who????

  5. Dot Marcum - Choate | 12/11/2014 at 6:18 pm |

    How much money did they waste to have a “study” to figure this out. Duh!

  6. I don’t call it supervision but common harassment and you will never get the best out of an employee by pissing him off all the time..

  7. How much does it pay to work for the OIG, and just sit around stating the obvious?

  8. The shocking result will be to spend more to supervise rural carriers.

  9. Uh huh herr derrr… =p

  10. I had a customer call in on me saying I was taking pics of her mail and giving the pics to her soon to be X ….why would I waste my time on such petty crap.. stupid ppl

  11. They don’t micro manage the rural carriers like they do the city carriers.

  12. Anyone have the answer ?

  13. Linda Eden | 12/11/2014 at 9:07 pm |

    Really? Couldn’t have anything to do with city carriers getting paid for every minute they are on the route and rural carriers getting screwed with the ‘evaluation’ time. Duh!!!

  14. surprise, surprise, we knew that without a study.

  15. & this surprises who?!

  16. Maybe the new scanners will help out. They have real time gps and managment can spot the time wasting city carriers parked in hidden spots milking the clock.

  17. Rural carriers are incentivized to work efficiently. As a result, the work gets done cheaper.

  18. Cangonow | 12/12/2014 at 4:08 am |

    work efficiently? Do you mean work for free? Rural carrier in our office worked 21 free OT hours last week. 64 hours on a 43H! No wonder they love us. Our union sucks!!

  19. too many chiefs not enuff indians, we need to get rid of the majority of supervisiors, we know how to deliver mail, dont need some pencil pusher trying tell us how to do it.

  20. flamale863 | 12/12/2014 at 5:55 am |

    All new vehicles go to city routes first and we get their broken down rust buckets to use on rural routes.

  21. they already have barcodes to scan, but have been caught scanning pictures of them on cellphones, SMH. I hear the new PMG is trying to get them paid like us instead of hourly, good luck with that.

  22. Our city carriers don’t waste time…we bust our ass…and are harassed daily….wth

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