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IMPORTANT: 908 Routes Prematurely Implemented on 9/23

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We were notified today by Postal HQ that there were 908 routes prematurely implemented on 9/23, one pay period ahead of time.

668 of the routes went up in evaluation and the Postal Service has agreed to not attempt to collect the overpayment as it was no fault of the carriers.

There were 240 routes that went down in evaluation, The Postal Service will attempt to reset them, and they will be made whole. If the reset is not successful, those routes will receive pay adjustments to make the carriers whole.

Those that went up will not receive a letter of demand for the additional salaries they were paid prior to the implementation. Any routes that had a change in classifications will be handled individually, and if it resulted in a carrier being non-scheduled on a day classified as a workday, the impacted carrier will receive administrative pay.

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