Important Information Regarding the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS)

The engineering panel chaired by Dr. Louis Martin-Vega has shared with the parties most but not all of its final report on the revised Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS). The parties have agreed not to release any details about RRECS until they receive all of the supporting analysis and documentation from the engineering panel. The parties will be receiving a briefing from members of the engineering panel in the coming weeks. At this time, we are hopeful that details will be available by the end of June.

Important Information Regarding the Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS)

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sure they will….

When you go back and look at the updates on this study we are in the third ninety day review period And now they say they haven’t received all of the report.How did they come to a conclusion without getting the whole report?

A two year study in it’s sixth year! What’s the hurry? 43 letters and 43 flats per minute.
Amazon for free.Keep the party going!!!

What is so important about this same old same old hurry up and wait for no news!

What a colossal bunch of crap…this has to be the biggest embarrassment I’ve ever witnessed in my 28 yr career…and every day, like Chris said…keep the party going!..PSH! Smgdh

Every day it is something! They are taking service out of title. We are becoming a corporation. Ridiculous