IMPORTANT: RRECS 4241A Printing & Distribution via NRLCA

Please see the documents below regarding the printing and distribution of PS Form 4241-A. The PS Form 4241-A, Rural Route Evaluation, contains a summary of the data utilized to determine a route evaluation. The PS Form 4241-A must be provided to the carrier in order to communicate the new RRECS evaluation for the route.  The PS Form 4241-A will be available beginning on Saturday, April 1, 2023 at 7 a.m. In addition to the PS Form 4241-A, the carrier must be provided a copy of the 4241-A RRECS Cheatsheet.

IMPORTANT: RRECS 4241A Printing & Distribution

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Unreal. Any union members should cancel their membership effective immediately. Seriously, why would anyone give them their hard earned money? Wish I could say I’m surprised that this is actually going through. But the fact we are getting stuck with this mess of a system is a complete failure on the unions part. Now what do we do y’all?

You can only get out of the union with in a 2 week window from the time you joined…then you have to jump through hoops with the paperwork.. Easy to join but harder to get out of.

I just received my new evaluation. My route is 98 miles long and they are only giving me credit for 86 miles. I went from a 44k to a 43 h. I will be filing grievances,for what good it will do. Thank god I’m retiring in a couple of months. I’ve worked for these cheating lying bastards for nearly forty years and I’m sick of getting screwed.

In order to get out of the union you have to know the day the month and the year you joined otherwise it’s nearly impossible.

Some routes lost 5 hours or more. Raw dawg without a bag!! And no lube! USPS should be ashamed of itself.

When from a 43 k to a 42 h now way I can get done with my rout in 6-630 hrs

Quality of service is gonna hit the skids. Just like anything else, you get what you pay for.

My route went up from 38A to 46A/42J

You don’t have to wait for your anny date to get outof the NRLCA. I simply threatened the DR repeatedly until National booted me. It was extremely easy to be honest. Be so threatening and disrespectful that keeping you in the Union would be a liability. If you can make yourself a liability, the NRLCA will do the paperwork for you. I used them like a free rubber.

If the union can’t do a damn thing about this bullshit then anyone that doesn’t get out is a damn fool.

My route went from a K to an H my supervisor is so happy for that. USPS wants free work, service with a smile done with.

i went from a 43k to 40k, my route should have gone up at least two hours or more. i have 3 buggy of AMAZON PARCELS every day. F… the post office and the union. ILL NEVER JOIN THE THAT SOFT ASS KISSING UNION. The heads of the union need to FIRED VOTED OUT ECTT.. ASAP FOR AGREEING TO THIS SHIT

USPS sucks and the union sucks for allowing this to happen 4 years ago my route was a 41 J half the # of deliveries now I was just at a 48k Feb 2022, they cut me down to a 43k but I still have much growth so I went back up to a 44k…how in the fuck did do they think nearly 800 boxes is now a 41J? This is a fucking joke we all need to ban together a strike across the country, fuck the no strike clause and fuck management for pulling this shit…we really need to… Read more »

I will be getting out of the union anniversary date be damned. I need that $800. to help defer the 5k hit I just took

Any person who chooses to pay between $850-$1000 a year in Dues simply because they missed their anniversary date and they think that hurting a Union officials feelings is too offensive so paying the $$$ is the easier option ? Idiots. plain and simple. Screw the feelings of ALL NRLCA officials folks. My $$$ is what Im about lol. The DR or the ADR or the National Officer or the local steward, if your affiliated with the NRLCA I will verbally tear you down daily until the NRLCA is forced to boot me out because Im so overly aggressive. Wait,… Read more »

My route went from a 48K plus to a 41. What?! I will definitely be grieving it. A year ago it was a 41K, Added over 500 deliveries (cbus) and still growing.

Let’s join teamsters union. Ups has them and the employees get at least a little bit of respect. How do we start?

It’s me again. I’ve been sick to my stomach all weekend. I’ve given the postal service nearly two thirds of my life and what did I get for it. My route was gutted and now they expect me to work six days a week. Not me, I’m working on my retirement papers as I speak. I’m not going to be rich when I retire but I won’t get screwed anymore without at least getting kissed. Today I’m ashamed that I have worked and wasted my life for these no good cheating lying scumbags. As I’ve said before, I feel sorry… Read more »

From 48k went down to a 40k over 800 deliveries. Got into an argument with HQ Andrew Juszczak was told from him that there’s various ways to get any route lowered. This fucking sucks. My current salary Rate 72,139 dropped to 55,249 effective 4/8 this RRECS is a fucking joke .

Loss of 0ver 15000 a year. 20 years. What is the greivance form going to say and will it work?

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My route got cut 40 K to 41 H
we have a aux. every box off of the aux came off my route.
but management won’t do it!