IMPORTANT: RRECS Evaluation Prematurely Uploaded for 784 Routes

784 routes have had their RRECS evaluation prematurely uploaded for pay period 10. USPS HQ is aware, and the offices were told to take extraordinary measures to ensure that these carriers would receive a paycheck this Friday. It will not be your correct salary, but you will receive a check. Your managers know which routes were affected.

Those carriers that were underpaid because of this will be made whole, and those who were overpaid will not be held liable for the overage.

If your pay this week reflects the RRECS evaluations and your manager does not have you on the list with the 784 routes, please get a copy of your pay stub to your District Representative.

This salary will be the RRECS pay that would be correct in 2 weeks, but not this week.

IMPORTANT: RRECS Evaluation Prematurely Uploaded for 784 Routes

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The Post Office got so excited at all of the upcoming pay reductions, they shot a premature load.

It’s called pre mature ejacultation they were so giddy at how much they were going to screw 66% of carriers they couldn’t help themselves.

I’m the one of them who got screwed earlier. I got paid 41k instead 46k.

I already have eye troubles today if I am one of the ones. Then I don’t see my self working the next 3 days at least.

Omg that is absolutely ridiculous