Important update on RRECS – Engineer Study

In January, rural carriers will start doing all of the RRECS scans and all information will start to be recorded with the scanners for 12 months.  All routes will also be mapped in 2020. This will involve the new Zebra scanners and a base hour change to all routes for additional scans.

They still haven’t come to an agreement on the single box time standards, but continue to discuss.
January 2021 is a tentative start date for RRECS using information gathered in 2020 from the scanners. (pending agreement on single box time standards)

All carriers need to be aware of how the scanners will track your activities.  You MUST scan at the point of delivery to get credit for your work.  Make sure the scans are captured before walking or driving away from delivery point.

Information obtained through a reputable anonymous source


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Do we need to do acceptance scans on prepaid items at point of pickup to get credit. Usyat I scan them all at end of day to be faster

I would like to see the ones who tell us to scan on front porches and don’t leave till it’s captured. Guess they don’t worry about the dogs coming out from under cars porches behind house etc neighbors yard when they hear you scanning and no time to get back in to the Jeep. You can’t spray the pets as you are standing on their porch with scanner and package and trying to get a scan ha how fast do you think it takes a dog to get to you while you are trying to do all this and get… Read more »

Ok today postmaster comes back from meeting says that we start scanning everything in feb.load time casing time start and stop.But no info on scanners

I think your reputable anonymous source is full of it. I haven’t heard a thing about it in my office, not even a rumor of it.

What about all the scans we’ve been logging since the last mail count?? As far as the raping Rural Carriers are receiving in Damnazon Offices, what’s happened to Federal Labor Laws? As far as RRECS goes the Postal Service does not have the capital necessary to upgrade its outdated, ancient, piecemeal computer systems to handle the influx of data from each route. President Trump needs to take immediate action to replace PMG as well as BOG.

If this is really happening we will be told to scan start time right?

Well said Havenowgone! I’ve been tortured with a route they moved HEAVY volume territory on and moved off low volume for years now without a count. I thank God every day that we lost the Amazon account.

This is nothing but a driving distraction and a safety hazard. I have boxes on a major highway that I am not safely off the roadway. I was doing the requested scan years ago when it first started, sitting on the highway on a down hill slope on a corner – got rear ended in my POV. I do not scan any more and refuse – they can fire me first before I get rear ended again and killed or seriously injured. All because the postal service wants to play their little game of “let’s scan the mail”. My safety… Read more »

Kurt Q, the time for additional scans will be added to your standard hours and if enough time is added your route will go up in eval.

Is this going to happen ?postmaster says he knows nothing about it,but he lies alot.union seems to have no info.what’s going on?

a base hour change to all routes for additional scans. What does this mean?

Considering our office has old scanners… and the clerks/parcel runners use the even older scanners and NO talk, at all, has been mentioned pertaining to new scanners, I’m sure we won’t be implementing any 1 yr recording in January.

Just 10 more months of this bs, then I’m out of here. I’ll just sit at home and watch this place go right down the toilet.

An what happens during Xmas when u have subs delivering parcels. Does the route still get credit and how for those deliveries?

How is this going to work for routes that haven’t even been mapped yet? Can you accurately collect the data on a route that hasn’t been mapped?

Well then they better start presenting this information to those of us that have very minimal knowledge of what this involves. This month is going to go FAST!

Given that every other deadline has been met with delay, I’d say it won’t happen in 1/21. Even if it did we are talking about an implementation date almost 6 years late. I feel sorry for all the carriers who have suffered, retired or quit waiting for our old and unjust system to be replaced. How many hours of free OT has our assoc. allowed their rural carriers to contribute. How much SL have carriers used coping with 2080 problems and/or time off for physical or mental stress? The whole thing makes me sick.