Larger mailboxes are not a good thing for rural carriers

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You might have seen an article I posted yesterday about the Postal Service approving new larger mailbox standards.  While it will not affect boxes currently on rural routes, (unless a customer voluntarily goes to the larger box) it will NOT be good for the craft as a whole.

I hope most of you know by now that the rural carrier evaluation system is currently undergoing an engineer study.  They are measuring everything rural carriers do.  I mean everything.  The new scanners can tell whether you go to the door with a package or not.  When the study is complete, we can be sure that parcels that go to the door will have a higher standard than those that fit in a box.

I know we all love the big boxes we can put parcels in, but the USPS officially making this change going forward is NOT going to be good for the craft.  This will most certainly hurt a route’s evaluation when the new standards from the Engineering study go into affect.

I think we all need to think about the ramifications when these boxes actually start showing up on rural routes.  I know that was the first thought I had!

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Tony Craig Benefield

I agree with this. The Postal Service will have lower time allowances for packages that fit in the box. Or they will classify those as flats. Maybe I’m wrong but these changes do not usually benefit the craft.

Heywood Merkin

I hope every one of my customers puts up the biggest box they can find. If I wanted to be a UPS driver, I would have went to work there 25 years ago.

Clayton Butler

Bigger boxes would equal a pay cut for us.

Michele Hulsey Minish

Nope, they never do!

Clayton Butler

Bigger boxes would equal a pay cut for us.

Jesse Koleszar

I think it’s the first thought we’ve all had.

Theresa Blanks Nester

They already counting pkgs as flats…look in your buggy in the mornings…see that amount…those med bags, checks…etc..etc…under 2 lbs..

Linda Wojcik Lees

If they count it as a flat or letter, that’s what they better be charging the customer! !

Chris Torick

This is all panic, they would have to physically go out on every route and mark down which box you have and they would see that a large number of my boxes are actually lockable ones that don’t fit small parcels even. They will not go that far they will come up with one standard for curbside boxes .

Chris Loggins

Nope they will charge them a package

Chris Torick, not a panic at all. The scanners know whether you go to the door or not..

Chris Torick

What does that have to do with the box type

Theresa Blanks Nester

Yup…that’s why they changed the scanners…didn’t have a dam thing to do with….the customer

Theresa Blanks Nester

They have no clue…where you left it…other than time it was…and it was delivered

Parcels that go to the door will end up with a larger time standard than those that do not. With these larger boxes, parcels that we would normally get paid to take to the door will fit in the box, thus giving us a lower time standard for the parcel

Theresa Blanks Nester

Get ready for your body to give out…not your age…because…your workloads are getting heavier…our hands and backs will go quicker..

Chris Torick

OK so all the dozens of small ones I take to the door because of the lockable boxes with the tiny slot will make up for the few customers who end up with the new box.

Heywood Merkin

The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!! You do realize you’re only getting ten seconds of street time for that parcel now? Even if it fits in the box, I can’t see the standard dropping past ten seconds.

Lisa Ann Cogan

I have customers that have larger mailboxes than this one they’ve approved years ago. Large mailboxes are not a new thing. Even during count, when they follow us to count our stops, big box is 1 stop & 2 small is 1. I typically scan in my truck when I drop at the door. It’s difficult juggling it when both of your hands are carrying these SuperParcels. I’ve already dropped the scanner twice & I know we’re not responsible but…

Shawna Miller Krzynowek

I just read on here the other day the USPS is already looking into THINKING about allowing FedX and UPS to use our mail boxes! This will be BAD! Postal sevice in Europe already allow this.

David Andrew Frazier

Actually it does let you know where you left it when you check.. I receive packages all the time and it tells me every time where my carrier left it.

Theresa Blanks Nester

I asked one of my customers…she said it didn’t…I don’t order many packages..I don’t constantly check I’ll get it …unless it don’t arrive when it said…when I placed my order…

Theresa Blanks Nester

We got folks constantly calling office to see if it’s there…from these drop offs…don’t they believe the email…

Heywood Merkin

So your argument is the increased time we will get for “to the door” parcels will be negated by what we lose in parcels fitting in the box? How much less than 10 seconds can it take? If you want something to worry about, worry about that 18 second scan credit.

Of course the large mailboxes have been around for years, the point of this one is that it will be the new standard going forward… In other words, the minimum sized USPS approved box.. While it may not affect your current route today, it will affect the craft as a whole, especially with new territory..

Heywood Merkin

I realize math makes people’s eyes cross, but… It takes six parcels to equal 1 minute of street time. Let’s say 5 of 6 fit in the box. If the standard falls to 5 seconds for in the box parcels,that’s 25 seconds for those 5 parcels. The standard for the to the door parcel only has to be 35 seconds for you to break even. There are bigger things to worry about.

Denise Sweeten

Well just before mail count the PM does go out with us on our rts to count boxes. I am sure they will be counting them big boxes

Deb Gober

Determination as to whether an article is a letter, flat or parcel is NOT determined by the size of the mail box as anyone who has ever done a mail count would know! Method of delivery does NOT determine this either! When they start changing these standards then you can panic!

Denise Sweeten

I have tried taking scanner to door too to finish scan and dropped it so unless it is a long walk to door i just do it before i get out.

Gail Spencer

this is bad eniough, but the worst will be the Sunday Amazon.

Lisa Ann Cogan

Sunday Amazon has NOTHING to do with our counts or evaluations. Those parcels go to the door no matter what!!!

Sandra Mack

Or take the info from the new scanners

Cathee Perry

The customers can’t see where you left it, but the postmaster can.

Sandra Mack

Sad, your time standards will surely be affected with the time study

Brandy Heston

Amen, Heywood. I’m with you!

Sandra Mack

Sunday amazon GO TO THE DOOR

Brandy Heston

Not to mention boxes with parcels from yesterday, full boxes, boxes changing overnight, etc.

Brandy Heston

I would be so mad if ups or fedex got to the box first and then my parcel wouldn’t fit!

Shawna Miller Krzynowek

I hope this doesnt happen but its been brought up already so you know they will make it happen another way to screw the carrier.

Jayne Pride

If they are flats, why are they in the buggy?

Glen Graves

Maybe they will open some daily package routes and create some new rural positions and get some us off the rca to rcr

Jody Rials Hart

As long as I am being paid fairly for what I do is all that matters. That’s what the time study is suppose to be doing for the rural craft.

Bruce Craddock

The PM can see the very inch…this is fact


just like we have the blue rulers to use at mail count they will make a blue box the same size of the new standard size box if it fits in there it is a slug…… don’t think this won’t happen. anything smaller then a large shoe box will not be a to the door parcel, even if no one uses the new boxes… just because the standard is set this is the size they will hold us accountable for..

Holly Woodall

I agree! If they have to pay parcel postage because of the guide lines required to mail it.ex: thickness and size, we should get the credit for that parcel…do not bend…that is a parcel!! Anything with a bar code, box or.. bag…is a parcel…

Jo Kappus

I suppose if you’re worried about it you could take everything to the porch no matter the size, just say the customer is worried about theft

Chris Torick

Won’t affect new territory as the postal service is only allowing CBUs for new construction.

Cammie Cofield Alexander

I’ve been getting parcels delivered on Sunday left IN the Mailbox


I keep complaining about amazon Sundays , too many parcels found in the box on Mondays and sometimes you can’t even fit mail in the box . Will the time study include this problem lol

Oi veh.

Oh. my. Lord.

You *really* don’t get it, Chris?