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Larger mailboxes are not a good thing for rural carriers

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By Ruralinfo.net

You might have seen an article I posted yesterday about the Postal Service approving new larger mailbox standards.  While it will not affect boxes currently on rural routes, (unless a customer voluntarily goes to the larger box) it will NOT be good for the craft as a whole.

I hope most of you know by now that the rural carrier evaluation system is currently undergoing an engineer study.  They are measuring everything rural carriers do.  I mean everything.  The new scanners can tell whether you go to the door with a package or not.  When the study is complete, we can be sure that parcels that go to the door will have a higher standard than those that fit in a box.

I know we all love the big boxes we can put parcels in, but the USPS officially making this change going forward is NOT going to be good for the craft.  This will most certainly hurt a route’s evaluation when the new standards from the Engineering study go into affect.

I think we all need to think about the ramifications when these boxes actually start showing up on rural routes.  I know that was the first thought I had!

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