Letter of Understanding Signed to Delay RRECS Implementation Until May 6

On April 21, 2023, the NRLCA and USPS reached an agreement to delay the implementation of the initial rural route evaluations under the revised Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS), until Saturday, May 6, 2023.

The parties are agreeing to this delay to allow for further review of the data underlying these new rural route evaluations.  The parties will also use this delay to finalize a dispute resolution process specific to the rural route evaluation data.



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Bullshit! Rural union seems to continue to take care of the post office and not the employees who pay their dues.

They keep delaying it because they know it’s not accurate. Just throw it out and start over in October because I’ve been scanning my life away

Management knows that their scanners and data aren’t correct. But they are thinking what money they can save. Well all the money they save won’t make up for all the people that will quit or retire. That money won’t mean shit if they don’t have anyone to deliver the mail. I shouldn’t give a shit because I’m retiring in June,but I do because I care about the ones left behind that has to deal with this shit. My advice is if your young enough to get out and start a new career , do it. Don’t waste two thirds of… Read more »

I’m not greedy, but if they’d have counted the UBBM and our outgoing mail like they have Always done in the past, my route would’ve done a lot better. They wouldn’t even let us count the DPS out of order letters, and mine gets a Ton. THROW IT OUT! Do a September count instead. Oh wait they won’t do that, we actually get mail then.

Please tell me why I’m stopping at every box just to get 100 % when people on hold I’m so worried about things they don’t tell us

My route was supposed to go up from 45 to 48k 🤣

We need to push the union to scrap the withdrawal process from the 10 day window prior to your anniversary date to a simple 60 day notice. If 10,000 of us give notice all at the same time, it equals $8,000,000/year in lost dues. Anymore it seems like it will take something that drastic to get the top brass to grow a pair and do their job!

Union is ABSOLUTELY USELESS as always. Do not expect to be saved here, expect the union to ONCE AGAIN bend us over and appease the Post office rather than its members. This union needs to be let go and a new one needs to replace it. TEAMSTERS would be nice right about now, at least we know they’ll fight for us.

This is another way of saying they will use lube (with sand in it).

my route has been overburdened for almost 3 years now. After this “survey” it’s been completely gutted. It’s tough to work for a corporation that uses such a back door way to pull salaries.