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To the NRLCA,
Recently, the plan for Amazon Sunday deliveries was put into effect by the USPS. The plan is to have “main” offices as the Hub for these deliveries, not just to that office’s city and rural areas, but also to surrounding areas. This in essence committed “substitute” carriers/RCAs, in that specific office, to deliver amazon parcels to a very large area, on Sundays. Not just during the Christmas Holiday rush, but for the entire year.

While this is certainly a good income generating venture for the Postal Service and could possibly help save us, you, as our Union, failed horribly in protecting RCAs from this badly laid out plan.

Many offices across the nation are extremely shorthanded on RCAs, many already work 6 days per week on a continuing basis. Where is our relief? We have no rights to vacations or days off via leave slips. We have no sick leave. Many in management and in the rural craft have openly told us, we have the right to work sick, work healthy, work nonstop and nothing more.

You failed in previous contracts to afford RCAs any rights except to work. Now you have turned a blind eye to those of us who will be forced to work 7 days a week on a non-stop basis and for other offices, who’s RCAs can sit at home on Sundays.

Yes we are “part time” help, but many have not seen part time, except maybe a few weeks out of the year, usually not even that much.
The Union’s answer to this, “Oh the Post Office will be hiring more RCAs”. Really? That’s laughable, because guess what, RCAs come and go like the wind!
What happens when one of these LLVs breaks down in the “middle of nowhere rural route USA”?? Oh that’s right, it is now the RCA’s responsibility to carry the business card of a towing company, who may or may not answer on Sunday, immediately or even within a few hours. Why? Because, no one else is working on Sunday who can help us and when the LLV is towed, finally, how are we supposed to continue to deliver these packages? We must stay with them, we cannot deviate, we must follow the manifest, but no one is at the office to bring us another LLV and let’s not forget we have a time limit, 16 packages per hour.

Have you ever tried to get a tow truck on a Sunday? Have you bothered to listen to the problems being generated with these manifests that have you cutting through open fields! Or have “Non generated packages”, guess what those are, those are packages that you have to hope to God someone knows where it is or google maps can find!
All marked Amazon Packages must be delivered, no matter what! Yeah, about those dogs, we have to take pictures of them and let’s hope the owner doesn’t swear this dog is the sweetest thing on earth. After that promise, we’ll be cursed by management to deliver it because of course the customer wouldn’t lie, until we are bitten. But who cares, we’re all just “subs” and suddenly it will be our own fault we were bitten.

No premium Sunday pay, you work 6 days a week, you better keep it under 40 hours, or go way over to even come close to reaping a partial benefit for working so hard. But if you’re already working 6 days and Sunday makes 7, it’s impossible to stay under 40 hours, so you’re either going to work a day for free or you’re going to be hung by management, because the District Office is screaming at them for your hours of overtime. Makes sense, right?
Let’s not forget, “Oh you have a family?” “Sorry, you signed up for this and your family doesn’t matter; only the regulars get to have their family and time off.” Personally, I didn’t sign up for 7 days a week.

No insurance that’s worth the paper it’s written on, because hey, we’re just Part Timers.
No vacation time, because hey, we’re just part timers.
No Holiday pay, because hey, we’re just part timers.
No sick leave, because hey, we’re just part timers.
You can work 6-7 days a week with no benefits AT ALL, because HEY You’re just PART TIMERS!


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Darlene Combs-luttrell

At least RCA make good money for every hour they work…. Be thankful!!!

Cathy Bishop

I am so glad to hear someone call them out on all this bullshit! I’m right there with ya!! Been an RCA for 10 years now and I feel your pain!

Ronnie Colt Bush

We can’t get subs hired, or even apply.

Christopher Wallace

I work more hours, harder, AND faster than a regular yet receive NO benefits. Does that bother me? Yes, a little but every 2 weeks my paycheck is the bottom line. I like to consider myself and fellow RCAs as the Navy SEALS of the USPS. It’s all about mentality and attitude. You have to stay strong. This job isn’t easy nor for everyone. The only easy day was yesterday.

Gail Spencer

good letter. Asking questions that I have had about this.

Chris Torick

Sounds like money when many are in the unemployment line, be grateful.

Tenishia Sunshine Sylvester

Kristina Marie

Christopher Wallace

Another note I might add is that some RCAs don’t even see 6 days a week. They are grateful for one day or two. If you’re getting the hours how can you complain? This is the job. Accept it or quit. Either way the mail and the USPS will go on with or without you.

Ashley Comer Proctor

It’s like I wrote it myself…

Andrew Khounchanh

75+ hours a week for subs in my station. Don’t forget we are just subs “if you don’t like it then quit” my favorite quote from regulars and our union Stewart.

Linda Elaine Fox

Every office is different…..good or bad. Some offices are from the deep bowels of hell and that is an understatement.

Lynn Mench

I just went regular in April, I spent 10 years in the same situation (not to mention most of that I was a single mother of 2 with LOTS of credit card debt I am just now being able to pay off). Either feast or famine. It is a job, a job you should be proud of and be thankful you have. Yes it is hard (all regulars have been there) so do not act like we are reaping all the benefits and have done nothing to get where we are. Do your time and with any luck you will… Read more »

Jeff Ward

How are they working the subs without paying them? That’s not only grounds for a grievance, it’s illegal.

Ken Lloyd

“Be thankful for your job”. If that’s all you have to comment, thanks but don’t bother. It’s taken the same way as “if you don’t like it then quit” or “shut up and run some dirt in it”. The pay for new subs isn’t much better than retail or hospitality. I will agree that office conditions vary, but we MUST be heard! If you don’t want to hear about it, don’t read.

Mandy Downing Stewart

I’m regular and my husband is also. It is horrible how they make the subs and city carriers work and they way they are treated for not getting it done by the time upper management thinks they should. There working 6 or 7 days a week. Guess what??? Maybe there freaking tired after work 10 to 12 hour days. So sick of hearing “I paid my dues bull crap.” It’s a living yes, but most did not sign up for combat

Jeanne Luddeni

Yes ken I’m with u I work at a tiny post office on my day off just to help the clerk that the postal system doesn’t care about the carriers in this office work nonstop they will do 3 routes because there is no one to do it that’s stupid no wonder carriers have accidents go crazy and worse kill themselves yes if u don’t like it get another job what a stupid comment

Andrew Khounchanh

Our postmaster had a private meeting with the rcas in our district without our union present and told us with the mail volume we have today there is no reason why we can’t be down one or two routes in a station a day. We have 50 rural routes and 17 subs. That make sense?

Paula Bourriague Crabb

Be grateful you have a job!! We all had to climb ladder!

Ron Simonetti

That’s not an accurate statement

Ron Simonetti

There are things more important than money

Ken Lloyd

We did not know the requirements were to work 6-7 days a week all year or every Sunday. When you took this job, were you told you’d average 60/week? No. What we signed up for was like the army reserve: management told us it was a couple days a week (when our reg is off a day) plus a couple weeks a year (on vacation). This is a DE FACTO full time job for large office subs. There are formula offices that won’t even grieve to get a sub to go PTF because they don’t care about us. But go… Read more »

Karrie Lightsey

Evaluated until over 40

Ron Simonetti

No one EVER said we had to work 7 days! Things have changed alot

Ron Simonetti

Its’ a loophole

Andrew Khounchanh

When count comes around and you route comes back as a j or h, just be thankful you have a job.

Kim Mann



Exactly. And when I was an RCA there was none of this idiotic 7 days a week crap. Employment is great…but not at the expense of your home and family.

Ernest Floyd

Yes, be thankful in all/for all things. But right is right & wrong is wrong. They are over working us, and they get away with it. I would think that our union would put in the contract something stating that if a sub works over 40hrs a week, they should start getting something back in return. Yes, I saw where it said “part time employee”. But how many jobs can you name where the” part time employee” works 40+ every week none stop? We get tired like regulars, we need a refresh time as well. But to now force us… Read more »

Ernest Floyd

Maybe subs need a union.

Carol Cristo

They dropped RCA pay down from $19.45 per hour to $16.26 per hour. Pretty soon McDonald’s will be paying more … And they offer benefits :/

Rick Moore

Unions were created to protect us from these conditions. WTF?

Carol Cristo

What is your hourly pay?

Chris Torick

Then let someone who needs it have your job

Chris Torick

It is feast or famine always has been it never lasts forever. You make more than the private sector would pay you. We all did it I know it sucks the Sundays and holidays but lots of people do it. Nobody is forcing you to keep the job.

Ernest Floyd

Feast or famine, right or wrong. Your right, nobody forcing me I keep this job. What is going on is wrong. If that’s the case, unions should of never been formed.

Union exists for what purpose?

Carol Cristo

If a private sector employer treated employees like this, the federal government would shut them down. THESE are the kind of working conditions that caused people to band together and unionize. What is wrong with our union???

Lynn Mench

Go ahead and rant, you do need to vent. I understand that. I however use to beg my regular for days at times. I was only NOT AVAILABLE 2 days in 10 years. I worked sick puking in the trash can while casing because I could not afford the time off because I did not have sick days either. I even worked 2 routes in one day (several times) because we were short on subs and plus I wanted the hours. I agree that not everything the post office does is NOT FAIR at all, but I had the opportunity… Read more »

Teresa Shaffer Sillivan

Well said!

Heather Austin Fowler

When I was hired we worked like this and it was undersood no benefits….you have to pay your dues like WE regulars did….this is just like the fast food picketers demanding higher wages when they KNEW when hired whT the stipulations were. In any career….you have to WORK for more…its NOT handed to you on a silver platter!

Ron Simonetti

I do need it. I have no problem working. I’m talking about being overworked. Do you work 7 days a week?

Paula Johnson

Well said

Lynn Sisson Martinez

I don’t understand all the management bashing that comes on nearly every post – smh – YOU are just as responsible for your workplace environment as the management that is in place – if you don’t want to build the Amazon business with YOUR company, go find another company – if you don’t like the hours and the benefits, go find another company. No one is forcing you to work for the USPS. I paid my dues as a sub, as a regular and as a manager – quite frankly put – if you don’t like it leave or do… Read more »

Melissa Pesina

Everybody write one of these because it is the absolute truth!!!!!

Ernest Floyd

So, pay my dues and become regular? For the record, I never saw on the application where it says “you will be working 7 days a week.” I don’t have a problem with working. So stop with the if you don’t like it, leave it thing. If that’s the case, then (not taking a shot at union) why was the union formed as I asked previously? If they did not like the working conditions back then. Then they should of told them what some of y’all are telling us. But all we are saying, is if they gonna force us… Read more »

Matt McMahon

everything is true but you just wasted the ink from your pen because nothing will be done

Kristina A. Wood


Matt McMahon

hey lynn subs get no benefits can’t you read

Ericka Cleveland Bryant

I understand, and regulars like to throw your pay up in your face. Or feel like we have to suffer like they did. Whatever…It doesn’t mean that the system don’t need to change. I love my job, stop making us feel like we should suck it up. It was wrong when it was done to you and it’s still wrong. Shame on you regulars.

Ericka Cleveland Bryant

Regulars who are saying quit must be in big offices with plenty of subs. You might wanna be more understanding and encouraging. It is tough, or have you forgotten. I’m a part timer, and I’m paying my dues. I love my job, but sometimes it is a huge sacrifice, and I’ll never tell anyone that they should quit. Hang in there.

Kevin Verret Jr.

Navy SEALs.. love that! I’m loving my 7 day work weeks! Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money!