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To the NRLCA,
Recently, the plan for Amazon Sunday deliveries was put into effect by the USPS. The plan is to have “main” offices as the Hub for these deliveries, not just to that office’s city and rural areas, but also to surrounding areas. This in essence committed “substitute” carriers/RCAs, in that specific office, to deliver amazon parcels to a very large area, on Sundays. Not just during the Christmas Holiday rush, but for the entire year.

While this is certainly a good income generating venture for the Postal Service and could possibly help save us, you, as our Union, failed horribly in protecting RCAs from this badly laid out plan.

Many offices across the nation are extremely shorthanded on RCAs, many already work 6 days per week on a continuing basis. Where is our relief? We have no rights to vacations or days off via leave slips. We have no sick leave. Many in management and in the rural craft have openly told us, we have the right to work sick, work healthy, work nonstop and nothing more.

You failed in previous contracts to afford RCAs any rights except to work. Now you have turned a blind eye to those of us who will be forced to work 7 days a week on a non-stop basis and for other offices, who’s RCAs can sit at home on Sundays.

Yes we are “part time” help, but many have not seen part time, except maybe a few weeks out of the year, usually not even that much.
The Union’s answer to this, “Oh the Post Office will be hiring more RCAs”. Really? That’s laughable, because guess what, RCAs come and go like the wind!
What happens when one of these LLVs breaks down in the “middle of nowhere rural route USA”?? Oh that’s right, it is now the RCA’s responsibility to carry the business card of a towing company, who may or may not answer on Sunday, immediately or even within a few hours. Why? Because, no one else is working on Sunday who can help us and when the LLV is towed, finally, how are we supposed to continue to deliver these packages? We must stay with them, we cannot deviate, we must follow the manifest, but no one is at the office to bring us another LLV and let’s not forget we have a time limit, 16 packages per hour.

Have you ever tried to get a tow truck on a Sunday? Have you bothered to listen to the problems being generated with these manifests that have you cutting through open fields! Or have “Non generated packages”, guess what those are, those are packages that you have to hope to God someone knows where it is or google maps can find!
All marked Amazon Packages must be delivered, no matter what! Yeah, about those dogs, we have to take pictures of them and let’s hope the owner doesn’t swear this dog is the sweetest thing on earth. After that promise, we’ll be cursed by management to deliver it because of course the customer wouldn’t lie, until we are bitten. But who cares, we’re all just “subs” and suddenly it will be our own fault we were bitten.

No premium Sunday pay, you work 6 days a week, you better keep it under 40 hours, or go way over to even come close to reaping a partial benefit for working so hard. But if you’re already working 6 days and Sunday makes 7, it’s impossible to stay under 40 hours, so you’re either going to work a day for free or you’re going to be hung by management, because the District Office is screaming at them for your hours of overtime. Makes sense, right?
Let’s not forget, “Oh you have a family?” “Sorry, you signed up for this and your family doesn’t matter; only the regulars get to have their family and time off.” Personally, I didn’t sign up for 7 days a week.

No insurance that’s worth the paper it’s written on, because hey, we’re just Part Timers.
No vacation time, because hey, we’re just part timers.
No Holiday pay, because hey, we’re just part timers.
No sick leave, because hey, we’re just part timers.
You can work 6-7 days a week with no benefits AT ALL, because HEY You’re just PART TIMERS!


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I’ve been delving amazon Sunday’s for 3 years for USPS. We don’t have to take any pictures, never once heard of this 16 packages an hour deal and not every package has to be delivered. People bring back packages every single Sunday. This is what happens when you force RCAs to deliver packages in different cities let alone different F’n counties where you’re clueless to the route, dogs or any other hazards like I’ve been made to do. I will not sit there and keep turning around to find an address if it’s not clearly marked on the house or… Read more »

I barley get 15 hour paychecks because my ref switched to a j route and I’m past 10 weeks so only get paided for the route which is 7.3… Should I be able to file a grievance because lack of hours and forced to find a new job that pays the bills?

Heather…can you be any more ignorant?

Get a clue!

Sorry…being on call and available 24/7 including Sundays wasnt mentioned in the job description or interview so how about you quit your BS….

So an RCA is not ever supposed to tske a day off or have a family commitment on a saturday once in a while?? R u serious?

You are an idiot!

and just yesterday, a sub came up to several of us “regulars” and boasted that she made 1500.00 in OT…and she got help! I wouldn’t mind working on Sunday but I’m not allowed. Many regulars would also like to work….

On a related note, look further out at all the one and two route offices with perpetual relief vacancies. Adjacent to the concerns relief express here and elsewhere, look at the concerns of those K and J route carriers that are effectively grossly overburdened H routes, and often ‘in trouble’ with 2080 through absolutely no fault of their own because relief is never available to assign to the route. A lot of offices can’t reach a minimum threshold of adequate applicants to perform an interview, let alone select, offer, hire, train, evaluate, and consider retaining anyone for those positions. The… Read more »

Working 65-75 hours a week and haven’t had a Sunday off in 7 weeks! 136 hours in a two week period. Yes the check is nice. But we have no life. I don’t feel like this process was thought through very well. Why didn’t they hire any one?? Yes you guys worked Sunday’s for express mails. But we are working 8-10 hours on Sunday’s. All we are saying is this isn’t safe. We are tired and then they wonder why our accidents have increased from last year!!

You are exactly right! Its bad enough even when you are a regular carrier who is on a H route (thanks to a mail count) and get a ton of mail but having subs work 7 days a week and have no time with family or even going to church is just uncalled for!! But PMG doesn’t care or other higher up management because THEY ARE at home on Saturday AND Sunday!!

I am in an office with 49 regular routes and 1 aux and we have 6 rca’s(12 %). It is terrible and they are treated terrible. We have more 204-bs and coverage for the mail handler craft than we have subs. We are mandated as regulars to work our day off and I as the local steward am told management knows how to run the office.One more thing for all those complaining about the union,I also know the percentage of member/. non member. Maybe if more joined and shared the expense of having a union more would get done. Maybe… Read more »

I agree stand up for what is right ! Im regular and agree subs are not treated fairly. Regulars are getting screwed also some just dont realize the difference in a 42k and 48k which most routes should be paid now . long hours less pay

Oh? Very interesting!

We have 12 rural routes and only 5 subs (been that way forever), our subs are way over worked. I myself along with 7 other regulars do not have an assigned sub. I have never had one, so it isn’t like I lost one due to mistreating them. And I do treat the subs that work for me on occasion with GREAT RESPECT! I have not forgotten in the 7 months since I went regular how it feels. I think it is outrageous to have to work 7 days and lose that time with your family. I know there are… Read more »

Someone in my office found out how to do it, but the NRLCA has to release us.

?? I don’t know but I have the same question

In our office we have 34 routes 12 subs one about to go out on maternity leave, our area runs a large rural area the connecting cities we will be running are nothing to sneeze at either. 11 subs will be forced if they don’t volunteer. It’s a fact. Our PM is the one working on Sunday, even a sup can’t leave to help us if we break down, we were told in a stand up that the PM will check with a local towing company that we would have to call and use our gas cards to pay for.… Read more »

Maybe if the post office would take a small step forward and treat subs like actual human beings and worthwhile employees, you could have a sub that would stick around, and Saturdays off with your family. Better treatment of subs will benefit everyone. It isn’t wrong for you or for subs to want to spend time with their families. It IS wrong for the USPS to expect you or anyone else to devote their entire lives to the job.

It’s not that they’re not paying them, it’s that the more you work the less you earn.

I don’t think the fast food places were working their employees 60+ hours a week with no days for rest. I doubt that’s the dues you say you paid, either.

I jumped right in with my guys today – I am there on Sunday with them also – if we don’t work together – we fail together

LoL. And when there are no subs left, then you guys can enjoy all these dues.

Not saying it’s right. Just the way it has been as long as I have worked there. Have had many chances to work elsewhere, but have always stayed. Love the job, just not the politics. Speaking from my experience, employees have never came first, and don’t see that ever changing. 🙂

But was it right? Should you have had to miss so many things to serve the postal service? What would it have hurt to provide you, a hard working employee, with benefits fitting your basically full time hours?

Things are changing… You’re saying accept and embrace the bad changes while berating RCAs for wanting some good changes. If companies can change with the times, then good changes can happen, also. They won’t unless someone speaks up for it, though. It isn’t wrong to want better.

Did you appreciate how you were done? I’m sure you didn’t. I also have a regular who treats me awesome, I love him to death. My biggest issue is that this is not what we were told, 18 hours at most is what I was told. While I appreciate the fact I have my job, I don’t appreciate the disrespectful attitudes, and the fact we are looked upon as lesser humans. With more work we should get something in return. You had subs stick with you and work with you because you treated them fairly and like they mattered. You… Read more »

Why are regular carriers so threatened by RCAs asking for better representation?

Many of the things stated in this letter to the union aren’t supposed to be happening. Has the writer gone to their steward, their district rep? If these have failed then union representation in this area is weak. Subs from the hub and spoke offices are all supposed to have access to those Sunday hours. Sunday is supposed to be voluntary. At our last state meeting(MA)the district rep stated no RCAs were contacting him with issues, yet all I see our complaints. I asked my PM about the sorting system failing to sort the packages. He said the system can… Read more »

The point is. we are paying union dues and want the support, That is what unions are for, I don’t care that what you did as a sub. So you’re saying that the people who started unions should have just quit and found another job if they didn’t like the way things were going? The union should not be divided!! I like my job for the most part and yes Trish, I have as a sub gone over the edit book and dealt with mail count issues when my regular is off because I do care about my job and… Read more »

I’ve had my last 3 subs from day 1 until they made regular. 6, 7 & 4 years. I treat my subs well and others try to get them to switch to other routes, but because I don’t abuse or bully them, they stay on my route. I guess what I don’t understand is this “entitlement mentality”. You were not promised health care when you were hired, but now you think if the union can’t make the PO pay for it for you, then they’ve failed you. You think making you work Sundays is unreasonable. Believe it or not many… Read more »

Just wait until you see what your retirement is, then you will really be sick! Just remember, they don’t care what you say or think…they just look at numbers. Most in management have never delivered a piece of mail except from their mailbox to the desk!

Kerri- preach it!

But you get benefits and paid time off. We do the same job and then some….

Yes we make money in overtime BUT after 60 hours it puts us in a higher tax bracket and we really make the same for 75 as we do for 60. My clerk made $64 a hour Sunday! 64! I made 16.26! How is that fair? I am the only sub for 8 routes and God forbid you deliver a piece of standard wrong! Try having 8 routes in your head and not knowing what route your delivering until you get to work! I understand that you regulars started in the trenches too but sometimes it seems like you forget… Read more »

I treat my RCA very well. I also know he doesn’t belong to me. I dislike carriers who think they own their RCA. I hate it that you all have to work so hard. I hate it that now you have to work on Sunday. I think we are all stressed at this time of year. I hear people saying, I did not sign on for Sundays. Well, I’ve been with this company, yes we work for a company, for 25 years. Those of you that have been with USPS that long have started doing many things we “didn’t sign… Read more »

I do not think the pay should have went down for new hires!!

those regulars saying “if you don’t like it quit I paid my dues too” are proving the writer’s point with amazing accuracy. Respect is earned not required due to your status. those regulars backing us up, you have my respect and Thank You. For the RCAs here, click the link for the full letter and email or snail mail it to your union steward stand behind the writer.

It’s a new post office. Hang in there. I’m a regular. But I was an RCA for 8 years. And I wish I had y’all’s problem back then. We were basically starved for not having enough work! Now, I’m about to complete my 29 years of service. Still get my leave requests denied often. Still get written up if I decide to call in sick. Recently, I have worked with a key and scanner that don’t even work right–as many of us do. So, what do I do? I deal with it. Whatever the problem, I accept it and find… Read more »

Easy for a regular full time employee to say who gets days off and benefits, aren’t unions supposed to be protecting us too? Isn’t that what they’re for?

Thank you Ericka, it needs to change!!

We already do work for more, not asking for something for free just union support that we are paying for, just because you did it doesn’t make it right!!

Some of these regulars need to be thankful for subs and treat them better, maybe if they were appreciated and had more union support that they are paying dues for, they might just stick around!

Just because we think we are worth more does not mean we aren’t thankful! Why do you think unions were started in the first place? Not so those people could just “suck it up”, it was for protection against things like this. What is so wrong with wanting equality? We work just as hard or even harder than some regulars!

Agree about Sunday and if regular carrier’s weren’t so whiney and treat rca’s better maybe more would stay around longer cause I pick up mail behind regular carrier’s after them but yet they think they are perfect. Sunday suck, line of travel sucks especially if internet is down !

Working as PTF cannot get more then 3 days a week, R CA asking for a Sunday off after working 56 hours in a week supervisor said no, I couldn’t work for her because I’m career employee. RCA’s truly overworked with no union support, hang in there be safe

That’s good starting pay, in the spring and summer if you know your route most carriers can get done under evaluation. When mail light you get extra pay daily, but when it get heavy in November and December everyone forgets this.

Did you work 7 days a week? Right.

Chris, how sad a reply. Yes, there are starving people in China also! Asking to be treated in a fair way is more than money, it is called respect! I am full time and am also disgusted with the way the USPS treats our part-time rural letter carriers. Chris, how about some respect for our co-workers, or are you part of management?

Navy SEALs.. love that! I’m loving my 7 day work weeks! Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money!