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Longtime Martinton rural mail carrier looks back on 60 year career

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John Moore has been delivering mail for the past 60 years.

Moore, a rural mail carrier for the Martinton area, learned the trade from his father.

Moore’s father was a rural carrier around the area from 1921 to 1967.

“And then I was born in 1942 and always knew about being a mail man,” Moore said. “I went with him many times on the route as a young boy. When we had bad snow days I’d go with him in the winter time. Sometimes I’d climb over snowbanks and put the mail in the mailbox.”

Moore said there were no four-wheel drives back then to help mail carriers deliver in winter weather, though, he said there was a carrier in Ashkum who had a jeep, which might have been from World War II, that he would sometimes use to deliver the mail.

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