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Mail carrier extinguishes morning fire

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A United States Postal Service employee acted quickly to save one of the properties in her delivery range Monday morning, extinguishing a fire before it could spread to a home.

64-year-old Jackie Mayne, a rural carrier and 20-year employee with USPS, was making her rounds to the over 500 mailboxes she delivers to when she noticed smoke coming from behind a home in the 3500 block of Clifden Drive.

When Mayne went around to see what was causing the smoke, she saw a fire that was beginning to spread through the brush into the lawn and threatening the safety of a shed behind the home.

“The leaves and woodsy stuff was on fire between their driveway and the next driveway,” Mayne said. “I called 911 and grabbed a garden hose, and did as best I could.”

Source: Mail carrier extinguishes morning fire

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