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Make Sure Your Edit Book is Up to Date and DPM-LTM Systems Have Been Updated!

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Attention Carriers:

REMINDER: Everyone should be making sure that their Edit Book is up to date and the DPM-LTM systems have been updated with the most current data. This needs to be done now, prior to the beginning of the next Mini Mail Survey (February 24-March 8). We need to be proactive to make sure the current information is in the system, as USPS has a period of time where they lock out the system. Please review the Rural Route AMS Edit Book Maintenance SWI.  We are at Day 24; DPM-LTM updates are supposed to be underway. As we have said many times before, mapping and ensuring that the breadcrumbs follow the correct line of travel is the most important thing you can do for your evaluation.

For more in-depth information on the RRECS process, please visit the RRECS Resource tab on at the NRLCA website.

Source: NRLCA.org

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