MDD Communications: Messaging To Rural Carriers On The Route


The NRLCA has received calls from carriers that indicate management has been using the carriers’ personal cell phone to communicate service directions while the carrier is delivering the mail. Until such time as the USPS provides cellphones, pays for cellphone service, and includes the use of cellphones in the evaluated system this is inappropriate.

In addition, some managers are using the MDD (scanner) to communicate non-safety related directives to carriers. This is in violation of their own directive.

On March 20, 2015 postal service headquarters sent the following message to the field regarding text messaging to rural carriers on the MDD (Mobile Delivery Device). This directive has not changed.

Text messaging to rural carriers is limited to safety related messages and alerts.

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Postmaster should be told they are not to call us to come back for late express .And calls when customer calls p.o Then postmaster calls us.It breaks our concentration.It’s unsafe.

Emergency only.

This has been grieved so many times, in so many offices, they do need add it to the new contract and figure a price for each msg or monthly allowance towards cell service.

Let’s bargain for that.
$25 per month stipend.