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The Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System (RRECS) Mini Mail Survey (MMS) concluded September 8, 2023.  All rural carriers should have received their Mini Mail Survey Summary for review.  All carriers are encouraged to review their Mini Mail Survey for accuracy.


If there are any missing/incorrect entries, the carrier should work with their local manager to ensure the data captured is made accurate.  Your local manager has the ability to correct data entries as long as those corrections are made BEFORE 5:00pm Central Time (CT), September 15, 2023. 


Entries that may need correction include Office Walk distances, Route Settings, Daily Volume (Random Letters/Flats), PS Form 3982 PARS Labels, and Actual Time for Miscellaneous Activities to include Safety/Service Talks. 


The Mini Mail Survey Summary form is also used for eligible carriers to elect the High Option.


Additional information concerning the Rural Route Evaluation Dispute Process (RREDP) will be forthcoming.

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