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This from Delphi:

We were told there will be a briefing the first week of July with the panel of engineers. The report consisted of 160 pages. They will discuss recommendations for negotiation as well as findings which are binding.

Parcels “gained” due to the engineers looking at each function necessary to achieve delivery as someone previously mentioned.

Mapping must be done, training must be done. Training must be done by the Union (I think that will mean in conjunction with the USPS). So it won’t be totally implemented for probably another year.

Driving time will be done in intervals. Routes will be broken down into 47 different length of intervals with different time values assigned to each length.

As an example:

10 Feet =1.5 seconds

50 Feet = 4.6 seconds

100 Feet = 7.7 seconds

1000 Feet = 30 seconds

1/2 Mile= 57 seconds

Over a Mile =92 seconds (I think this is per mile or it wouldn’t make sense, but I didn’t write that down)

We will have 122 standards instead of 30.

Standards for DPS are measured by taking it to the street.

There will be no “L” or “Non-L”

Credit will be given for boxes by letter volume (this credit went down) not set standard of 1.82 or 1.00

Stop signs , I wrote down 1 second? He said most carriers don’t even totally stop.

The USPS old computer system is still a big concern and ironically (or at least I thought so) Amazon is our cloud storage provider. We are their biggest customer.

Evaluations changes may take place more often (that has to be negotiated). Seasonal routes haven’t been addressed (imagine that!).

The required 1/2 mile off the route for parcel delivery may be extended because we will now be paid for the distance.

52 weeks included in the evaluations, Christmas OT will not be part of the average.

Not doing scans/input will hurt our pay. So if the substitute or regular, doesn’t perform the scans/inputs, it hurts both parties.

CBUs will have a different standard.

4240s will still be used for proof

Accountables will get about the credit

Raw mail will still have to be counted

I have something about 3 types of mail;

1 Bundle time for No DPS Mail

2 Bundle time for Just DPS Letters

3 Bundle time for Both DPS Letters and Flats

So different types of mail will play a part in your time factor too.

There you have it as you requested! I wish I was able to explain everything in more detail but this is the best I can do. I emphasized words so that you know that even though I have reported what I understood, nothing is set in stone until they put it into place.

David said evaluations could change month-to-month or even pay period to pay period. So, effectively, we will have no idea what we are being paid paycheck to paycheck.


From another source:

PLEASE NOTE: engineer study is based on what rural carriers are doing now!! Standards go down if we as a whole are taking less time to do it!

Now time per box per day is 20 sec, that will be less (who, besides me, flips thru mail before putting in mailbox?)

Time for scans now is 18 seconds, that will be less.

Here is what I have for mileage: Time per mile was based on 30mph. New standards will be based on how many stops per mile. 1 mile or more between stops=92 secs; 1/2 between stops=57 secs per stop(so 1 mile would = 114 sec); 100 feet between stops (missed secs per stop) 1 mile would = 6min 45 sec; 50 feet between stops = 4.6 sec per stop; 10 feet between stops=1.5 sec per stop.

Rural Carriers are costing the PO more – 5000 more K routes over last year. Over 1 million new mailboxes. Approximately for every $1 the PO makes, 10 cents goes to pay rural carriers.

Nationwide 60% of all carriers are female.

Stressed CHECK YOUR 4003! Make sure all boxes are accounted for, you will get a 4241a if submitted correctly, if not file a grievance!

Every event will go into scanner, how many boxholders each day, scan each bundle, tub, tray, start load/stop load, etc… Evaluation will be based off of yearly average.


And from another source

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  1. Read it!

  2. Valieta Small | 07/08/2018 at 12:28 pm |

    I understand updating edit books weekly, but our office doesn’t have an AMS tech to update in the system. We seem to only get updated about every 6 months. We’ve complained for years to no avail.

  3. not sure why your office doesn’t have someone to enter your updates every week. our postmaster or clerk does it. I think you should find out why, b/c that would affect your pay.

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