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More Rural Carrier heroes

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Suzanne Mates, Ithaca, MI

Rural Carrier Suzanne Mates was recently delivering mail on a harsh winter day in Ithaca, MI, when she heard distressed moans coming from inside an older customer’s home.

Mates investigated and found the woman on the floor, where she had apparently been collapsed for a long while.

The customer’s disabled daughter, who lives with her, was there, too — crying and unable to do anything to help.

The Postal Service employee called 911, cleaned the woman and comforted her and the daughter until emergency responders arrived.


Landon Allen, Strawberry Plains, TN

While Strawberry Plains, TN, Rural Carrier Associate Landon Allen was recently delivering a package to an older customer, he heard unusual noises coming from inside the woman’s house.

Allen investigated and discovered that the customer had fallen, suffering a broken hip.

The Postal Service employee called 911 and comforted the woman until emergency responders arrived.

“Landon is not only a top-notch employee, he’s a truly top-notch, kind person,” local Officer in Charge Tonya Gass said.


Penelope Walker, Belt, MT

Belt, MT, Rural Carrier Associate Penelope Walker and a co-worker were recently enjoying a favorite free-time pursuit, deer hunting, when a medical crisis interrupted their adventure.

Walker discovered her friend collapsed and unresponsive on the ground — and considering their remote location, the situation was especially life-threatening.

Walker sent the man’s nephew, who was on the trip with them, to locate a cellphone signal and call 911 while she performed CPR.

The immediate medical attention stabilized the man, and Walker stayed with him until emergency responders reached them two hours later.

The man is recovering.


Lawrence Roberts, Holland Patent, NY

Rural Carrier Lawrence Roberts was recently delivering mail on a bitterly cold day in Holland Patent, NY, when he encountered an older customer in distress.

The woman was walking slowly alongside a road, and she appeared to be disoriented.

Roberts stopped to check on her. She told him she’d locked herself out of her home and didn’t know what to do.

The Postal Service employee located a neighbor who sheltered the woman and called her daughter.

The customer’s daughter later contacted the local Post Office to thank Roberts for his assistance.

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