National Pre-Arbitration Settlement: (B06R-4B-C 11378189) – Backwards DPS Flats

The NRLCA and the USPS have reached the attached settlement in the case referenced above. The issue in this grievance concerns additional compensation for rural carriers when delivery point sequence (DPS) flats are received backwards.

The parties agree that additional credit will be provided during a mail count for flats received backwards in the DPS flats tray. During the mail count, the route will receive credit for one additional DPS flat for every two DPS flats that are received backwards. The appropriate credit will be added to Column 5, DPS Flats, by rounding down to the nearest whole number.

Grievances that are being held pending resolution of this lead case will be released and the remedy will be applied retroactively if the case file contains proper documentation.

The settlement includes additional time only for DPS flats received backwards in the tray. No additional time is applied to inverted DPS flats because those were included in establishing the original time standards. The DPS Flats Implementation Instructions also provide 15 seconds per tray to arrange and straighten the DPS flats.

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Click here to view the National Pre-Arbitration Settlement letter.

National Pre-Arbitration Settlement: (B06R-4B-C 11378189) – Backwards DPS Flats

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I see they’re really working on getting the schedule 2 RCAs a desperately-needed pay increase. SMH

Ohhhmg…..not again….how much did this cost us…for pennies…smh