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Neighborhood surprises rural mail carrier after lightning strike fire

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A postal worker is thankful for the people on his route after they surprised him with gifts several times over.

Harold Chandler delivers for the United States Postal Service in Summerville, but the father of three nearly lost everything when his home in Goose Creek home was struck by lightning and caught on fire in July.

Neighbors in the Legend Oaks community in Summerville heard what happened to their beloved mailman’s home and knew they had to something. “When we had the flooding he had my personal number he was calling to check on the neighborhood,” said Tanya Zimianski, “to see if he could come back in yet to deliver.”

More than 50 neighbors left gift cards in mailboxes for Harold along his route on Monday. The postal carrier still delivered the mail and was met with a hugs at houses. “Just overwhelmed by what’s taken place,” said Harold Chandler, “it was something that I didn’t make known to them but I guess as the saying goes they heard it through the grapevine.”

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