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New MOU Allowing Regular Rural Carriers to Volunteer to Work on Sundays or Provide Assistance on other Rural Routes

Due to continued staffing challenges in rural delivery operations; the parties have agreed to a temporary limited modification to Article 8.1, which prohibits regular rural carriers working on Sunday; and to Article 30.1.P, which prohibits regular rural carriers from serving all or part of any rural route other than his or her assigned route.

No regular rural carrier will be required to work on Sunday or serve part of any rural route other than the assigned route. For the purposes of the work outlined in this MOU, regular rural carriers must volunteer to perform these additional duties.

Beginning Saturday, February 25 and continuing through September 1, 2023, regular rural carriers may volunteer to work on Sunday and may also volunteer to provide assistance on other rural routes in the office. Managers will ask for volunteer regular rural carriers who wish to work on Sundays to deliver packages on any route(s) in the office; or perform service on other rural routes Monday through Saturday. Volunteering to work on Sunday or on other rural routes does not provide a guarantee or entitlement to work these assignments.

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