New rural route evaluations effective date changed from April 8 to April 22, 2023

The Postal Service and the National Rural Letter Carriers’ Association (NRLCA) have decided to delay the implementation of the new rural route evaluations (RRECS) from April 8 to April 22, 2023.

During the distribution of Forms 4241-A and 4241-M, it was discovered that some of the data fields did not display correctly.  Additionally, the Volume Factor field displayed zero and rural carriers who elected High Option were not provided that election.

The route evaluations (standard hours and minutes), as shown on the recently printed 4241-As, are correct based on the data input.

Adjustments will be made to correct the data fields and it will be necessary to reprint both Forms 4241-A and 4241-M.  You will receive further notification when these forms will be available for printing. 


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And what about the grievance asking for 60 days?

The numbers are correct based on data? You mean incorrect data that our incompetent scanners collected?

They have screwed this up so bad that no one will believe that any of their numbers are right. I realize that the few that went up in evaluation are happy, but think about this. We didn’t get credit for everything we’ve done so you are still being screwed. They need to trash it and start over because they’ve already proven that they can’t be trusted. Our worthless union has won a tiny battle but the real battle is yet to come.

It’s me again, I shouldn’t give a damn because I’m retiring in a few weeks. But I care about my co worker’s. I think when I retire I’ll give them a gift. I’ll give them a jar of Vaseline. That way it won’t hurt as bad when management screws them.

Just remember, “The only Winners are the Retirees”. The Post Office is always going to get what it wants. We are only the worker bees. 36 years in and going to retire by 2025. Just keep moving forward and stay under the radar and try to be safe and positive until retirement. We’ve all been through so much and alot of stress, the post office can make you laugh and cry in the same day, keep moving forward. You will fare better than the average citizen in retirement. Be Strong and Godspeed to my Postal Brothers and Sisters.

Possibly the clocking on and out. To route and back may be correct. So will our evaluations go up since some data wasn’t on the 4241 a ? My box count is off by one less

The problem looks like many offices failed to input the mapping data in with the new RRECS evaluations. If you add the total time from your 4241M (aka the mapping data) with your total time on your 4241A that should be your correct new evaluation.

If everyone is doing the work in a right and safety way, scanning, mapping, and to remind everyone that because of the union we are having COLA and other benefits that us don’t see it. Be in touch with union and be part of. Don’t forget “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER” I bet that most of rural carriers don’t know or never read one single page of our contract.Attend union meetings and educate your self and inform your co -workers. To be united is better than to be alone.

my delivery standards just fell through the floor folks. Pay me slave wages and work me like a slave and Ill give you the least I can to get by on the route. Customer approaches and asks a question Ill simply say a bunch of gibberish ending in gooney googoo and then let them know Im a slave that doesn’t speak English. Im simply here whips and chips.

Those numbers were so inaccurate. In some places they didn’t give me credit for things. The post office is basically falsifying data

My route and all most routes in our office went to max 48k! My was a 42k. So we’ve been sponsoring Bezo’s space ship for 5 years at the tune off about a day a week for nothing. I’m 9 to 10 hours a day on a 42k. Finally it looked like we would get fairly paid ……NOT. if we went back to the old count system the non Amazon offices would still go down.

My Union steward told me today that it has been postponed until July

48 hr route down to 38 hrs. “Your scanner is your best friend” That’s what I was told. Wonder how much bonus PM is getting for this.

I went from 45k to 41j WITH growth and even higher volume in packages. PO better do something quick as I’m sure a majority of the rural craft will quit. Aren’t we supposed to get higher pay over time rather than a huge pay cut?

It’s saying I deliver 78% of my route daily. I’ve done the math and that means I blow by and don’t deliver to 95 customers. BULLSHIT! I do 97-98% daily. Not getting creep time with stops the have 2 box’s on 1 pole at the property line. I can’t give the post office 22% of work daily for FREE!

When will you stupid Rural Carrier’s figure out your Union has screwed you? Keep paying your dues and enjoy your pay cut like obedient sheep.

My last year for union dues. They represent “fuck ups” never had to use them once in 23 years. What a waste of money! They get 48k pay while you and I literally got CHEATED!!!!!!!!!

My brother in law says when you grieve ask for the numbers that show the last 52 wks that is where they probably messed up

Went from a 45k to a 39h service 835 boxes 125 is curbside says I deliver 73% of my rought which is 225 boxes Dailey can’t believe that

Where do they get the% of the route that you service every day ? If you have to go to boxes to see if customers have out going mail and you don”t stop you don’t get credit ? THATS BULLSHIT BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO CHECK EVERY BOX EVERY DAY? I think we should do like the rail road workers , There contract doesn’t allow strikes but they threatened and got their money.. We dont need to let them get away with this….

Here in Karnes County we lost a complete 2.5 hour city. No one knows where it went, but deliver the mail, and do it on time. Even if you still have to deliver it, but don’t go over your new evaluated time. It’s a joke but maybe they are right, those folks that can’t get your order right at the drive thru, they will come through for them when everyone quits or gets canned.

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