New Scan-Out for Redelivery

We have been notified by USPS HQ that a new scan has been established for parcels that have been attempted and the customer has requested redelivery. At this time, this has been established as a carrier scan. When a customer requests redelivery of a parcel, the clerk is to pull the parcel and hand off to the carrier informing them of the redelivery request. Prior to loading, the carrier is to enter the “Out for Redelivery” scan of the parcel.

After meeting with USPS Labor Relations today, it was determined that, for now, rural carriers should record these additional scans (18 seconds each) in the comments section of the 4240 and will compensated for the scans accumulated via 8127 time. If a route is required to perform an inordinate number of these scans that might affect the evaluation, a grievance should be filed requesting a base-hour change to the route.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your District Representative.

Please click here to view/download the “MDD Redelivery Scan” instructions

New Scan-Out for Redelivery

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