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NLRB Issues Complaint Against Postal Service for Information Request Violations

Earlier this year, the NRLCA and NALC filed a series of unfair labor practice (“ULP”) charges against the Postal Service in response to anti-union conduct committed by managers in a number of Houston District post offices, including Katy and Humble, Texas. Supervisors in those offices attempted to discourage rural carriers and stewards from using the grievance process by making threatening comments and refusing to respond to information requests.

In response to the charges, Region 16 of the NLRB conducted an investigation that confirmed many of the unions’ allegations. As a result, on October 31, 2016, the Region combined the charges and issued a “Consolidated Complaint and Notice of Hearing” against the Postal Service, charging it with numerous violations of the National Labor Relations Act. The complaint primarily focuses on management’s delay or failure to provide information to Union stewards – a list of violations that spans almost five pages – and supervisors’ statements threatening to take action against stewards or carriers who file grievances. According to the Region, the Postal Service has interfered with, restrained, and coerced employees in exercising their rights under the National Labor Relations Act, and has failed to bargain with the Unions in good faith.

The case is scheduled for a hearing before an administrative law judge on February 27.

Source: NLRB Issues Complaint Against Postal Service for Information Request Violations

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