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NLRB says NRLCA Steward Didn’t Threaten Rural Mail Carrier

A National Rural Letter Carriers Association steward did not threaten an Oregon member by backing a U.S. Postal Service manager who scolded the worker for complaining about added work.

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Leroy Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins
7 months ago

The steward didn’t threaten the member. That being said, if my steward became management’s mouthpiece and began telling things management was doing right and things they were allowed to say Id simply beat the shiz outa them after work with some of my buddies. Don’t pay almost a $1000 a year in Union dues and let yourselves be victims of weak stewards. After reading this article I agree the steward didn’t break rules arrising to NRLB levels. The steward did however side with management in an argument that went national and made the news however. This fact makes the steward… Read more »