Every rural carrier should have received training on the new RRECS MDD scans from their supervisor or manager. Every rural carrier needs to be using these new entries daily.

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The Rural Carrier’s have been screwed over big time by their Union. The NRLCA has aligned with Postal Management to screw the Rural Carrier. I wonder how much money NRLCA Officers are receiving from this RRECS? It’s a perfect plan: NRLCA screws members, then keeps promising to fix the problem they created. Meanwhile the stupid working Rural carrier’s are continuing to pay Union dues. This is hysterical, those of us in management are beside ourselves at how stupid Rural Carrier’s are. Where else can you get employees to work 15 hours a day and only pay them for 8 hours… Read more »

Can you imagine doing all this crap during busy season oh got 400 scans but let me not forget about all these RRECS scans … we will miss scans no one does anything at %100 …what happens when a sub works your rt?? What happens when there are routes down and routes just don’t get carried which has happened a lot at my office lately ?? Same at my office pretty much zero training this is an absolute joke I have no idea how this passed thru.

Who has time to play with the scanner all day.?.. aren’t we supposed to be delivering the mail.? This is very unsafe just like the cell phone law it, should be banned.,, from even picking it up while in a vehicle.. it’s worst than distracting .. I wonder if someone gets killed because of these scanners if post office will be held responsible?.

My office is down to 2 subs for 12 routes. Our new PM has been carrying rural routes and borrowing from other towns. We have a supervisor on loan. Training on RRECS? What a joke. We haven’t even thought about mapping. Can’t even get a call back from the union rep. Doing the best we can with what we have. Seems the USPS is circling the drain along with our country. Pray!

Management refuses to pay us…so, you’re saying we should work for free…stillllll????
The NRLCA IS A DISGRACE ..and is only concerned with helping the Usps..not its members..

Yall want us to get training from management, but they know less about it than we do…this is terrible

Has anyone’s pay decreased yet ?

So should I fill out a green card for however long it takes me to read the 99 pages? I have a feeling the reason they can care less if we do the scans or not it’s because they’re going to get out of paying a lot of people for doing a lot of work when they don’t make all their scans. Which will be nothing new being that we haven’t done a mail count in three or four years and most routes are overburdened. Nothing new here. Sure glad we have enough money to send out those nice slick… Read more »

I’m sorry but you can’t tell me the union isn’t fully aware that hardly anyone is getting “training”. No meetings, no paperwork, no discussions….just do the “6” scans with a sad apology about “that’s all mgmt was told” and a blank stare. Mgmt could care less if our routes go down. This whole thing is disgraceful. Why does it always feel like if it’s not their money/job then Oh well, not my problem. I mean, basically we’re going to have to read the 99 pages and do whatever scans however we understand them. What if we don’t interpret the 99… Read more »

If the union helped finance a study,RRECS, with millions of dollars over the last decade, and we lose money as a result, the NRLCA should be removed as the representative of all rural carriers and we should become a part of the afl-cio like other crafts. I wonder if the National Officers union pay is tied to rrecs? unlikely.

Just to be clear, we scan our 6 daily scans as well as certain activities but we don’t scan any volume of flats or raw letters daily? Except for full coverage ?

Our State Union Steward told me to read the 99 pages. That was my “training”! Nice, huh?

I don’t think anyone knows..

Mgmt says they don’t know either