NRLCA – $208 Cost-of-Living Adjustment Effective March 11, 2023

Pursuant to the release of the January 2023 Consumer Price Index – Urban Wage and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), and in accordance with Article 9.1.E , the fourth COLA adjustment of the 2021-2024 National Agreement will result in a $208 increase for eligible rural carriers. This COLA adjustment will be effective March 11, 2023 (PP 2023-07). All COLA adjustments are based on a 40-hour evaluation with proportional application to those route evaluations over 40 hours. The increase should appear in paychecks dated March 31, 2023.

In accordance with Article 9.1.E.3, full COLA adjustments will apply to Table One and new Step 15 of Table Two. COLA adjustments to Steps 1 through 14 of Table Two will be adjusted proportionally to each step’s percentage of Step 15. This will serve to bring Table Two schedule (Step 15) employees to the same pay level as Table One (Step 12) employees, thereby eliminating the pay differential between Table Two and Table One employees at the top step and for the rest of their careers.

NOTE: All leave replacement employees will receive an additional 1% salary adjustment annually in lieu of COLA adjustments.

NEW: $208 Cost-of-Living Adjustment Effective March 11, 2023

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Tony, if you expected “500-1k at least” then you live in fantasy land. good luck!

SWK, yes I know that and those COLA adjustments were clearly well deserved since inflation was at 9% at one point past 2 years… no shit it’s based on CPI clearly they went on a monthly basis for January which was .3-.5% but what about past 6 months since our last adjustment? 208$ since august is a disgraced. Our GWI of 1.3% is better than that. Was looking for 500-1k at least. Watch interest rates keep on climbing and food prices rise as well.

Tony, have you paid attention to the last few COLA raises postal employees have received?
They’ve been massive, in fact one of them was an all time record of over $1900.
COLA raises are based on the consumer price index (CPI) not some random number that the USPS pulls out of thin air. When inflation is high our COLA raise is high and when inflation lowers our COLA raise lowers accordingly. The good news is that when the economy recovers and inflation is low we NEVER have to give back the money.

What a disgrace and shame! 208$ is a joke! 208$ from August 22 until February 23 is a joke! Wonder why people are get new jobs. I see a big rural carrier shortage in near future. Supervisors better be ready to carry mail soon!