NRLCA and USPS contract negotiations come to an impasse

On Wednesday, May 20, 2015, after more than two months of contract talks, the NRLCA and USPS reached impasse over the terms of a new collective bargaining agreement. Early this week it appeared as if the parties were making progress toward a negotiated settlement. However, contract talks stalled and impasse was declared at 6:30 p.m.

The NRLCA’s final proposals provide for appropriate and reasonable wage increases, continued cost-of-living adjustments, and the maintenance of core benefits.

The parties expect to meet soon to discuss the next steps.

We appreciate your support and patience as we continue to fight to improve the lives of the more than 116,000 rural letter carriers that deliver the mail to more than 42 million mailboxes across the country.


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completely agree!

I totally agree Carol. If they would buy out all the regulars who would go that are at step 12 and replace them with regulars who begin at step C (or whatever they begin at), it would save them a bunch on each employee. I figured it up once and it was something like $70,000-$80,000 for each position until that newbie got to step 12.

When you have management that has refused to bargain in good faith for the past several contracts, goes in front of an arbitrator and poor-mouths til the cows come home, I dare say Clarence Darrow would not be likely to get a better arbitration ruling.

I never think what we will gain but what or how much we will lose.

Why doesn’t the president and all her officers of our union agree to take a pay cut and use the money to hire a law firm that will fight for us. I am so sick and tired of belonging to a union that has no backbone. Our representation at these arbitration hearings hasn’t worked for years. Any sane person would realize that we need someone in there that will fight for us. Cant wait until to see how much we give up this time around…..

Do you have any problems with the scans not dropping off at the end of the day. Management wants you to wait and see if they fall off or reenter them. Most of the time after a couple of hours when they check it again they have all dropped off.

Count the sub years, yes But PLEASE make it retro-active for those of us who retired early anyway. they passed my BS quota long time ago. I jumped ship 4 weeks ago.

I so agree with Carol and Denise . Let me buy my years back for early retirement. And I will be soooo out of there. .

Honestly, I’m not sure why they are fighting us on it. If they get us out sooner, then they can have newer cheaper regulars in and save money

Want to see my shocked face?

Here comes the arbitrator to screw up our way of life. They have no idea how we work or get paid.

I am an adult. I don’t need the government or the union telling me how much I can or can not work. I don’t have to be paid overtime one damn bit if I don’t want too. Screw you and your union and stick the 2080 hours up you butt.

I agree Carol 100% count the sub years…I’d be gone!

I remember being at a meeting years ago where they actually asked us WHAT WE WERE WILLING TO GIVE UP in negotiations! These fools don’t know the meaning of negotiations and never will…

Instead of a negative, act. Promote change, support change and most of all support the people who do try to make change. Most who have these comments are the very people who do not help the people who are striving to change the union. Although these comments are valid, how do they help!?

I totally agree Ken Lloyd!! If they know they will end up in arbitration anyway, start high so we might actually get something reasonable in the settlement !!

You have to be paid overtime for working over 40 hours. It’s labor law. You have to be “salaried” otherwise & mgmt would have to monitor “2080 hours” for the subs like they do for regulars.

I’ll get the KY

I think we should be able to have or sub years count towards retirement. It will be high give anyway what does it matter?


Leland for PMG!

Time to run from that dump all they want is cheap labor why don’t they just move overseas

About right
They know they will win
So what’s the Flippin stall for
Holiday I bet
Leland has it nailed
If that could happen we could get a big bump in pay and love when and what we do even more

Just bend over….

And this is news?…..

The union sucks anyway. Why can’t they give us the option to work more than 40 hours a week if we want to without being paid overtime. I would do it just because I need the money. The Union says they always look out for us but when I know a way to make more money they seem not to care. The union is their to take your dues and pay the union president and her cronies big huge salaries.

An impasse?, surprise, surprise, surprise, how did I know that this impasse would happen?

Hoe about get rid of the low life supervisors who sit at their desk for 8 hours thumb rubbing their phones, double-clicking their mouse and tossing their salad all-day. What a worthless P.O.S. we have. Thanks for letting me vent and have a great day. Lol

we will always go to arbitration Lu….the usps has no reason to come to a mutual agreement, they know they will get the middle ground on their demands in arbitration

Which is why our beginning demands should have been just as unreasonable- including paid breaks and Sunday premium.

Does this really surprise anyone?

I can see us winning on street with the time study…but were gonna lose on office and scanner…especially with the new scanners..they are damn fast and efficient.

USPS way to arbitration to get what they want from the arbitrator. Rurals will lose cause they haven’t figured out how arbitration works. Ask for the moon, not just what you want. Of course the arbi will take into acct USPS is losing money, not how managers get big raises or anything of importance.

Arbitration again????

how about this , fire 50k managers reduce the managers pay by 20% cut exec level down to 6 vice presidents, eliminate district offices and agree to fire managers who are abusive, ignorant assholes who refuse to honor the contract wording??

what a surprise,!! as usual the usps lawyer scumbags wanted us to agree to take big paycuts, pay lot more for insurance, etc,and to agree to disregard the time study too

Does this honestly surprise anyone?