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NRLCA and USPS Extend Time for Comment on the Revised Rural Route Evaluated Compensation System

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On October 31, 2017, the parties received the Chairperson’s “recommendation for a Revised Evaluated Compensation System.” Per the MOU creating the ECS time standards project, which was part of the 2012 Clarke Interest Arbitration decision, the parties agreed to a 30-day period for evaluation and comment. However, given the scope of the project, the Chairperson’s almost 80-page report and extensive appendices, the parties mutually agreed to extend the time for evaluation and comment until February 1, 2018. This extension does not change the expectation that the Chairperson will issue the final determination within ninety (90) days of receiving the parties’ comments.

This extension will not affect the 12-day mail count scheduled to begin on February 24, 2018. The mail count will include all routes unless both the regular rural carrier or the rural carrier associate (Designation Code 79), as appropriate, and management agree in writing not to count.


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