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Until the USPS allows each office to hire on spot instead of this joke of a HR ,nothing will change .It’s ridiculous that someone applys waits for weeks to find out if there hired then have to wait another two to three weeks to go to postal academy. Plus it’s getting harder and harder to find a vehicle to perform your job in. And then when a RCA does get the job down there worked like mules not knowing which route there running day after day or hell even when they return to finish another route .

I Agree with Gene Smith. has to be a better way, but the P.O. as usual is stuck on stupid. Also a problem I see is that AOs do their own hiring and they may interview 25 applicants and only keep 4. If those others passed the test they should be allowed to go to other post offices that are hiring as apposed to going back into the pool to get picked up in a District where they have to go thru HR.. Also. we CAN’T just hire any ole body, because I’ve seen the quality of ppl coming in… Read more »

I am growing more and more concerned that both management as well as the Nlrca believe that simply hiring more RCAs is a fix. If the RCA position isn’t overhauled to include a benefits package, and some sort of realistic timetable to making career, it doesn’t matter how many RCAs you hire. We will just keep losing them. I have been an RCA for 5 years and struggle daily to find the motivation to stay here, especially now that management feels they have the right to involuntarily mandate us to work at any office within 50 miles on routes we… Read more »