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NRLCA: EEOC Reaches Final Decision in National Reassessment Program Class Action Lawsuit

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Affected Carriers May File Claims for Relief

On March 9, 2018, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued a final decision in the class action case challenging the Postal Service’s National Reassessment Program (NRP). Click here to download/view the decision. Affected rural letter carriers and other Postal employees may be entitled to monetary damages or other remedies.

If you are an affected employee you should have received a notice in the mail from the Postal Service explaining how to file a claim. An example of the official notice sent by the Postal Service’s legal department can be found here. The notice states that affected individuals have thirty days from receiving the notice to file a claim for relief with the Postal Service or the EEOC. If you have not received a notice, but believe you are affected, you may still file a claim. NRLCA representatives have been receiving numerous calls about this matter. However, while the Union has been following this case closely, it is not a party to the case and cannot advise rural letter carriers on any issues related to filing a claim through the process set up by the EEOC. Nor can we endorse or otherwise recommend individuals or firms who can provide legal representation or advice on these matters.

The law firm that initiated this case has additional information about the NRP case, the final decision, and the process for filing a claim on its website: http://www.nrpclassaction.com or by calling (877) 272-4066. To reiterate, this link is for informational purposes only and in no way does the NRLCA endorse that firm or any law firm or attest to the accuracy of the information provided on the website referenced above. Keep in mind that the “Claim for Individual Relief” provided on that website also serves as a retainer agreement that requires you to use that firm as legal counsel. You are free to sign up with them or use any legal representative of your choosing, but there is no requirement to have an attorney in order to make a claim directly with the Postal Service or the EEOC. We urge you to read all materials received in relation to this NRP settlement carefully and ensure that you adhere to the timelines set out in those documents.


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