NRLCA – Emergency Salary Advance

It has come to our attention that we have carriers that are not being paid properly and, in some cases, not being paid at all. The manager is then claiming they cannot give the carrier a salary advance and in many cases this is just not true. The rules for a salary advance were addressed in the 2019 Jan-Feb edition of the National Rural Letter Carrier linked below. The Postal Service Forms 1608-Emergency Salary Advance, Salary Advance 101, and PS Form 2240R-Rural Pay or Leave Adjustment Request are also linked below. If you need assistance, please contact your District Representative.


Click the links below to view/download each document:

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I was given an emergency salary advance when I was out with Kidney stones and they somehow didn’t enter my sick leave!?! and had to have surgery to remove them… my PM had to literally jump through hellfire to do it but she did!!! She took it upon herself to do so, I didn’t even have to ask. So not all PM’s are heartless or just do as they’re told, some will actually go above and beyond for their employees.