NRLCA: Farewell Postmaster General Brennan

Friday, June 12 will be Postmaster General Megan Brennan’s final day as head of the Postal Service. This morning, she released a statement marking the occasion in which she applauds the men and women of the USPS for their hard work and dedication, saying “[postal employees] are America at its best, and this shines through when you help the nation in its toughest moments.”

The NRLCA would like to thank Postmaster Brennan for her tireless efforts to better the Postal Service for both its customers and its employees alike. She always had an open-door policy and made herself available to our union, whether it was answering in-person questions from our members at national conventions or during discussions with our National Board.

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She did nothing.. cant wait for Trump’s boy to put amazon in their place…rural carriers are getting absolutely obliterated every day with Amazon. Time to raise more 70 cents a package..The post office is a joke and is rin by morons

Tired of ups and fed-x dumping their packages on us. Only paying about a $1 or $1.37 to deliver their packages. They have the contract with amazon but dumping it on us to deliver. Need to increase that rate also!!

Trump has one goal—re-election. He has made it clear that his chances of re-election diminish dramatically if we vote by mail. His newly appointed PMG will break our union, reduce our pay and cripple us so that mail-in ballotting will be untenable. Privatization is the next step.