NRLCA files Step 4 Grievance Over Postal Service’s Delay in Paying Retroactive Salary Adjustments

Today, the NRLCA National Board filed a National Step 4 Grievance over the Postal Service’s continued delays in paying the retroactive salary adjustments due to rural carriers under the 2021-2024 National Agreement.

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Union dues are now over $800 a year for this pathetic, abhorrent representation. Ive met all the National Officers and the lot of them are ignorant and fat. Thankfully my membership was immediately discontinued after I called my DR from Wyoming the N word.

Yes bill this is the reason why people quit this job and get another one where they feel more appreciated and paid way better

Jack I think you are right the union is in with the postal service. They only filled it out to shut us up about back pay. Thinking we don’t know any better.
I did love this job but now thinking about a different one .

Back pay lol. You work the hours then the Union settles the grievance 20% of the amount owed to you. So you worked 5 hours, the grievance settlement pays you 1 hour. The union must pocket the other 4 hours owed to you. If they’re getting paid off by the post office why do we pay dues!

So i want to retire. So this means i don’t get credit for 17 months of pay that will affect my retirement? This being my hi 3 average? That’s just GREAT

this will fall on deaf ears as the USPS will call the NRLCAs bluff.