NRLCA: Important Update Concerning the National Auxiliary

The NRLCA National Board has made every effort to determine whether the Auxiliary and Juniors will hold their conventions in conjunction with our National Convention.

As no definite determination has been communicated, the NRLCA National Board can not coordinate any activities with the Auxiliary or Junior Associations at the 2019 Grapevine National Convention.

Be advised that the NRLCA will provide no activities or child care for Juniors at the National Convention.

Any questions should be directed to your State or National Auxiliary Officers.


Regretfully, your National Board

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Gary Kutella

Disappointed to say the least. A shame to see so many juniors miss out on a great time at a fabulous resort. It gave many delegates peace of mind knowing the kids were being well cared for while there were at 3 days of meetings. I am still hopeful an agreement can be reached.

Mike S.

I agree Gary, but I’m afraid that ship has already sailed, at least for this year. I took my daughter along the year we went to Chicago in 2003 even though it meant missing the first few days of school. I felt the experience of seeing the country, meeting other juniors, learning parlimentary procedure, a little history (we always took in some of the sights) and being able to be places on time far outweighed what little she would miss at school. (She was a middle schooler at the time). I hope they will get things straightened out by next… Read more »