NRLCA – Letters of Demand Being Issued for Exceeding 2240

Carriers, please be aware that the Postal Service is sending out invoices for carriers that exceeded 2240.  Do  NOT pay these invoices. Per the Step 4,  E95R-4E-C 01267089, if the carriers exceeded 2240 through no fault of their own, the Letters of Demand would be waived. These invoices say that they are for information only but there may be managers who still issue the Letter of Demand.

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With no subs. And Amazon. We work 6 days a week. 12 hours. How dare them.

That is outrageous and appalling! Honestly, this is a circumstance where the recipient of one of these letters contacting local media might do some good, about how the USPS is demanding a carrier to give back the money they were paid for working overtime when the office was short staffed. And then next contact a US representative or senator.