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NRLCA Modified Internal Resolution Process for the 2020 Local / District / State / National Meetings

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The article below has been prepared to give the members of the NRLCA information regarding the use of their voice in these unprecedented times in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and the cancellation of their 2020 State Meetings.

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In an attempt to preserve the members’ rights of participation in the affairs of the organization during this unprecedented time in our history the Resolution Process has been modified as follows.


Members are reminded that all non-binding resolutions that are passed between the signing of the USPS/NRLCA National Agreement and the beginning of Contract Negotiations for the next Agreement are stored in a file. These non-binding contractual based resolutions that are passed beginning with the 2018 through the 2020 National Convention will be reviewed and used by the National Board in their preparations for Contract Negotiations in early 2021.

Since several of the NRLCA Locals / Districts / States have had to cancel their meetings where resolutions would have been addressed as described under normal processes, we wanted to provide an opportunity for the NRLCA’s member’s voices to be included in this 2020 timeframe.

We have prepared a special resolution submission process for this year only to address the following circumstances.

    1. Local / District Meeting Cancelled – If the Local / District meeting was cancelled and the members did not have an opportunity to address / submit Resolutions to their State Convention, a process should be developed that would provide a member from that Local / District to submit their proposed Resolution directly to the State Convention for action.
    1. Local / District Meeting held but State Convention Cancelled – If the State Convention is cancelled after the Local / District meetings had been held and the Local / District passed Resolutions then the State Secretary should obtain a copy of those proposed Resolutions and forward them to the National Secretary-Treasurer’s office.
  1. Local / District / State Meeting Cancelled – If all meetings within the State had been cancelled and the members had no avenue to submit resolutions for consideration then members are given the opportunity to utilize the Special 2020 National Resolution form to submit their proposed resolution directly to the State Secretary-Treasurer by the identified deadline and those resolutions will be forwarded to the National Secretary-Treasurer’s Office for the National Board’s review prior to the Contract Negotiations scheduled in 2021.

Process Reminders;

Please see the accompanying form linked below that is to be utilized to comply with instances described in situation number 3 above. Be sure and read the instructions on the form in their entirety.

It is also noted to not forget the intent outlined in the introduction of the intent of the Resolution Process of this document.

The Resolution Process is a manner in which the members’ voice is heard. It is important to note, submissions are not about the quantity that can be submitted, but rather the quality of the issues to be addressed. The members’ intent must be clearly understood and clarified. The resolution process is not a complaint process and must not be confused with the grievance process.

Click here to view/download the “Modified Internal Resolution Process” document. pdf

Click here to download the accompanying “2020 Resolution Form Template” document.

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