NRLCA National Board Designates October 21-27, 2018 as National Steward Recognition Week

The NRLCA National Board has designated the week of October 21-27. 2018 as “National Steward Recognition Week”. We hope you will join us in showing our stewards at every level, that their dedication and commitment do not go unnoticed.

Let us praise our stewards at least as often as we criticize and remember that they put themselves on the line for you every day.

When you are tired and frustrated about something that management does or doesn’t do, don’t take it out on your steward, they are there to help you, often while carrying a full day’s mail on their own route.

We hope that you realize how difficult a job it is to be a Steward. They are rural carriers, just like you, feeling the same fatigue and frustration that you are feeling, while trying to right the wrongs in the workplace.

We encourage you to lighten your steward’s load by educating yourselves about your rights and responsibilities and by attending informational meetings held for you by your Union.

The time a Steward spends researching our contract and the ever-changing references, to resolve issues in your office, is certainly worth the time it takes to say thank you to the Steward in your Post Office, District, or Area.


Your NRLCA National Board says “THANK YOU” to all the NRLCA Stewards for your hard work on behalf of Rural Carriers everywhere.

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Our Steward system is all for the Post Masters and the Supervisor. They are weak when it comes to standing up for our carriers. They play along to get along with the managers. Our State Steward just threw me under the bus and squalled the tires on my face to settle a grievance to keep me on the clock, because management needed me to work. NRLCA I want to see some changes and you can start with the life long position these Representatives hold….tired of paying Union dues to a weak Union. It’s time to stand with the carriers, not… Read more »