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NRLCA: New Texting Capabilities On Mobile Delivery Devices (MDD)

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The Postal Service notified the NRLCA recently about new texting functionality on the new scanners Mobile Delivery Devices (MDD). Prior to the NRLCA having the opportunity to discuss several issues related to this new feature, the Postal Service implemented the texting functionality to the field. The NRLCA had an initial meeting with Postal Headquarters to discuss the many issues we have, to include: SAFETY, work rules around texting, description of all texting capabilities to include instruction being given to rural carriers, and the appropriate compensation associated with this new work function. The NRLCA also requested that this new texting functionality be suspended immediately to allow the parties to fully discus all the issues with this new feature.

Postal Headquarters notified the field today of the following: “Effective immediately, only safety-related messages or alerts are to be sent via text messaging to rural carriers using the MDD. In addition, if there are identified locations where management may have provided a stand-up talk indicating additional supervisory use of text messaging; please ensure that they are informed that only safety-related messaging may be sent to rural carriers.”

All rural carriers should keep track of actual time associated with any texting and request compensation for actual time related to this new function to include any delays associated with the texting and the time to track and report this time. Rural carriers should report to their NRLCA District Representative or Assistant District Representative immediately if they are being required to use the texting functionality beyond the safety-related messages or alerts.

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