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NRLCA Partners With USPS to Establish Local Election Mail Task Forces

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The Postal Service has consistently been rated as the most trusted government agency. However, due to recent changes in operations and the COVID-19 pandemic, the Postal Service has come under close scrutiny by Congress and the media regarding its ability to deliver mail in a timely manner — especially mail-in ballots for the 2020 election.

On September 3, the Postal Service, the NRLCA, and the other postal unions and management associations created the National Election Task Force to prepare for the expected increase in vote-by-mail ballots and to show the Postal Service can still perform at the highest levels. President Stutts has appointed NRLCA Vice President Don Maston and Director of Governmental Affairs Paul Swartz to serve on the National Election Task Force at NRLCA headquarters.

The task force has been meeting weekly and during the last meeting announced the formation of local election mail task forces that will coordinate a joint effort between all unions and managers to ensure mail-in ballots are properly handled and expedited by the USPS.

Each craft is developing strategies to identify the individuals designated as ambassadors to work jointly on local election task force teams. The NRLCA has a unique makeup as most of its members work in offices serving five or fewer routes. The NRLCA believes that every rural carrier should be working diligently to resolve or report any unusual handling of election ballots, essentially making all rural carriers the eyes and ears and guaranteeing election balloting and the USPS are successful. Simply put: If you see something, say something
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