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I pay the union dues like most of you guys here.
Our union is doing their best.
Carriers do not forget to file an grievance when you think that management is breaking the contract.
Things will move fwd with our new mail count system and we will get paid more for same amount of time we are working now.
I am so lucky to work on my route and finish in 6 hours and get paid 8 hours and I am sure that are many like me out there.
Drive safe and be happy all RCA and our union too.

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The union definitely needs to keep the members better informed on everything that is going on. It’s the worst I have seen even trying to get in touch with a Steward or adr and get them to return phone calls. It’s literally awful being an employee of the post office right now. No coverage to get off when you need to. There is nothing that they can offer to get someone to even apply for a job. All we here is file a grievance then it’s forever before you here anything and most that make it to step 4 is… Read more »

Zachary… file class action grievance on edit books!

What are we being updated on? That we aren’t getting counted again? That we can’t get enough help but no changes are being fought to make it easier to hire good help? That after a year long battle we get exactly zilch for all our extra time and work during covid? That no one, including the union bosses seem to care that we are being worked to death and can’t even get a fair pay increase or a halfway legitimate count? Oh or the fact that in our local office and supposedly the entire district our edit books were taken… Read more »