NRLCA President Dwyer Sends Letter to USPS PMG Brennan Addressing Rural Carriers Working After Dark

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The National Office has been receiving an alarming number of reports from the field about rural letter carriers being forced to deliver mail well into the evening hours – on some occasions even after midnight. Not surprisingly, these nighttime deliveries have resulted in dangerous conditions and “close calls”, including instances of frightened customers who confront their carriers with firearms. Delivering mail is dangerous enough under normal circumstances and the likelihood of serious injuries or fatalities only increases when the Postal Service cannot ensure that carriers receive their mail in time to hit the streets at a reasonable hour.

In an effort to address this growing safety issue, President Dwyer sent the letter reprinted below to Postmaster Megan Brennan on December 6, 2016. The NRLCA will continue to work with the Postal Service and demand that it takes measures to ensure that rural letter carriers do not routinely deliver after dark and to prioritize the safety of rural letter carriers and all Postal employees.

Source: Click here to read the letter

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